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Discussion Post: Civil War

Welcome to the dedicated space for all Captain America: Civil War discussion! Bring your squee, meta, pics, all the things! Please note: UNTIL OTHERWISE STATED (AFTER THE MOVIE HAS BEEN RELEASED WORLDWIDE) THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE CIVIL WAR CAN BE DISCUSSED ON BE_COMPROMISED.

A few rules:

1) Please mark whether or not your comment has spoilers to try and help anyone who is trying to remain spoiler free to avoid that thread.

2) Do understand though that there will be a LOT spoilers in the comments to this post and there may be no way to avoid them. If you are absolutely against being spoiled then please avoid this post until you've seen the film. It's okay, this post is going to be active for quite some time, you won't be missing out!

3) Remember that message from your Mods post Age of Ultron? Character bashing and ship wars are assassinable offences. We love differences in opinion and discussing all the things, but we also want to keep this bar a positive fandom space. If you think someone might be hurt by something you're about to say then either don't say it or find a better way of putting it. Please keep in mind that we are about the love.

4) Yes, even though the film we are discussing is Civil War where everyone wants to beat up everyone else. Shush. Play nice.


worldwide release dates according to IMDb
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