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The Secret Santa Master Post

Exchange Gifts:

300 (R) / 301 (PG-13) fics by rollingplains for poppetawoppet
300: The first few days are the hardest. / 301: So what does Nat think about all this?

5 Times Natasha and Clint Kissed + 1 Time It Produced a Miracle (PG-13) a fic by jacedesbff for frea_o
Inspired in large part by the impromptu kissing challenge of yore.

all this devotion (R) a fic by dontbitethesun for hiddencait
Clint loses his hearing after the Avengers respond to an alien invasion. It leaves him feeling off balance until he finds a stray dog who, as it happens, is also deaf. Prompt: Strays - as in one of the pair brings home a stray or three. Can be an raggedy pet or an abandoned child or whatever else you want it to. I just want to see the reluctant rescue and their buried hearts coming to life for it if that makes sense.

along the heart-lines of this land (PG-13) a fic by sweetwatersong for toscaterrier
AU? I'm a huge sucker for AUs, especially zombie, genderbend, steampunk, and crossover AU-type things. Ooh, and my brain just went 'space/time travel AU' as well, so that would be really awesome. Things I like: Can 'general badassery' be a thing? I love it when it's remembered that hey, these are assassins, and hey, they kill people. Keeping their personalities in spite of that... is one of my favorite things about this pairing.

Baby It's Cold Outside (NC-17) a fic by pixiesio for hufflepuffsneak
Clint and Natasha go to steal some weapons only to come out with something infinitely more precious.

Bang Your Head (Mental Health) (PG) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
a basket by oresteia for kl_shipper1
Who are they, besides their job, besides the assassins they're trained to be? Show me who Clint and Natasha really are and what they do when they're not on a mission-- when they have some time to decompress and be themselves. Basically, Agent Barton and Agent Romanoff vs. Clint and Natasha. Things I like: Banter, happy endings, deaf!Clint, team!shawarma, team antics, UST and/or RST, (romance with) reasonable amounts of angst. AUs. Movieverse. Clint showing off his musical abilities (and Natasha having them too).

Bored Games (PG) a fic by tempered_rose for chrisfaithalin
Clint & Natasha have to adapt to living with several of the Avengers in the Tower; but what happens when Tony says something he shouldn’t have? </small>

The Chaos of Love (PG-13) a fic by renegadewriter8 for tempered_rose
Implications of Steve/Natasha with jealous Clint until she tells him that look, there's nothing going on. Love if Steve is oblivious.

The Charlie Browniest (G) a fic by kadollan for dictator_duck
I combined two of your prompts, dear dictator_duck, so I offer you the one where Steve and Natasha are friends and Clint insists on a movie marathon.

Chasing the Light (PG-13) 1 / 2 a fic by sarea_okelani for ittykat
A mission that goes awry tests two assassins and their partnership.

The Children's Hour (PG) a fic by sienamystic for jacedesbff
Prompt: I really love kid!fic, not in that either of them (separately or together) has children, but in which one and/or both of them is turned INTO a child. I particularly like it when the other Avengers have to take care of them.

Come For The Espionage, Stay For The Sex (R) a fic by andacus for workerbee73
Come for the espionage, stay for the sex... or maybe that's the other way around. For the prompt - Some might say it was love at first sight. Of course, it took three years before they managed to actually (officially) meet.

Comfort and Joy (PG) a fic by always_a_queen for inkvoices
Prompt: 'Tis The Season: Clint and Natasha (and the whole team) and the holiday season. Or: The Avengers celebrate Christmas and everyone gives Natasha unwarranted advise about her love life.

Cracking Surface (PG-13) a fic by anuna_81 for renegadewriter8
I took some creative liberty with prompts you listed and things you mentioned you like. What stuck with me was “Clint is oblivious” bit in your prompts – it was challenging because Clint is this guy who notices everything, but turns out there's one subtle thing he is oblivious about. (He's going to have his eyes opened, though).

Cracks in my heart (PG) a fic by lizardbeth_j for dontbitethesun
When Clint starts behaving oddly, Natasha worries he may not be cured, after all.

desert creatures (PG-13) a fic by workerbee73 for sweetwatersong
In some folklore tales, the hero is challenged to hold onto someone and never release them, regardless of the shape the other person takes. Natasha won't let go, no matter what he becomes.

A Dream Itself Is But A Shadow (PG-13) a fic by icecream_junkie for tortuousphoenix
It takes Clint hours to find her. How on earth they got separated during the fight he doesn’t know and it doesn’t matter anymore.

First Meetings Only Happen Twice (Or More) (PG) a fic by book_junkie007 for lizardbeth_j
This is sort of a combination of mission and first time prompts, but it also morphed into something that I didn’t expect. I hope you like where I went with this.

Five Times Clint and Natasha Ended Up Under the Mistletoe (PG) a fic by allisnow for always_a_queen

Fun and Games (PG-13) a fic by hufflepuffsneak for kadollan
"Today's difference between Russia and the United States is that in Russia everybody takes everybody else for a spy, and in the United States everybody takes everybody else for a criminal."

Good Enough (PG-13) a fic by queenriley for sarea_okelani
A story about an emotionally distant Natasha getting pregnant, while she has a physical relationship with Clint, but no established emotional understanding wrt their relationship. A story less about the pregnancy itself and more about dealing with the fact that Natasha doesn't really know how to let Clint in.

Half Forgotten Memories (PG) a fic by phdelicious for telaryn
Angst and Crossovers

The Hawk and the Spider (PG-13) One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six a fic by sgteam14283 for nessataleweaver
As a bounty hunter, Clint never let it get personal. Then he met Natasha./ steampunk/western (historical) promts filled.

A Hung-Over Kind of Life (PG-13) a fic by purely_distel for tempered_rose
Clint thinks that Natasha (or anyone else) couldn't love him for all the terrible things he's done and that Loki reminds him of. Lots of angst until he realizes he does have a family (all the other Avengers) and that they do love him, but Tasha loves him most.

In No Time (PG-13) a fic by chrisfaithalin for tielan
These were the three prompts given. I didn’t follow any specific one completely, modifying and combining them into this story. Basically, the Avengers go out to a bar for some bonding time. Fun times and serious conversations ensue.

In Other Words, Thursday (R) a fic by amanuensis1 for shanynde
Assassination, extraction, and morning-after breakfast. It's their version of domestic.

in these branches we'll build a life (G) a fic by dictator_duck for ruby_caspar
There are the traditions you make, and those that grow around you. (Only the rootless know the value of a home.)

Ink & Wash (NC-17) a fic by bob5fic for noblealice
What is our story now? In the aftermath of a mission, Natasha decides on a different route.

Inked (PG-13) a fic by aerrin for andacus
Tattoo (However you want to run with that, go for it.)

It Seemed Like A Good Idea (PG-13) a fic by lar_laughs for franztastisch
Rock Star AU (and there will be dancing!) - No one knows anything about Natalie Rushman that the musician doesn’t want them to know. Every reporter wants the real story but none of them have figured out how to break through her security. It’s a good thing that Clint knows how to drive a touring bus because it’s gotten him that much closer to the group of important people that surround the singer. Now all he has to do is keep from falling in love.

Jump City (PG-13) a fic by enediyne for pixiesio
Before New York, after New York, and an addendum. For the prompts "boredom", "tongue action", "texting" and "Avengers briefing".

Lover of Leaving (PG) a fic by quiet_rebel for beanarie
Clint vanishes shortly after the battle of New York. Natasha knows she's the only one who can bring him back.

Many Happy Returns (PG-13) a fic by tielan for quiet_rebel
birthdays and karaoke

measured to fit right (on you) (PG) a basket by earlofcardigans for oresteia
Natasha has an answer for Clint’s important question.

Meet Me in the Aftermath (PG-13) a fic by lar_laughs for allisnow
This is the story of the road trip Natasha and Clint took across the country after helping save the world from being overrun with ugly creatures from space. It’s also the story of how Clint came to terms with the fact that he was responsible for the death of a friend. It is, thankfully, not a story of how Tony came to own the Bellagio. We shall save that for another adventure.

Mend (PG-13) 1 / 2 a fic by anuna_81 for daxcat79
crossover between Stargate and Avengers

The Nature of Dust (R) a basket by inkvoices for sugar_fey
Fic with accompanying collage of graphics/manipulations and icons for the prompt: 1930s dustbowl AU. Clint and Natasha are members of a travelling circus. Dark/supernatural elements a la Carnivale optional but very welcome.

no happy endings with me (PG-13) a fic by noblealice for hanorganaas
He understands now, how someone can feel so guilty that they haven’t earned the forgiveness and safety of love. With all the blood on his hands he’s more liable to destroy anything he touches anyways, and it would be a pitiful memoriam to the brave men and women in the ground.

Night and Day (PG-13) a fic by workerbee73 and bob5fic for rollingplains
Take one infamous jewel thief, one jaded bounty hunter, add a side of banter, a complicated past and a generous helping of UST and what do you get? According to Phil Coulson, the world’s biggest headache.

On Friendship, and Other Lies (G) a fic by anillogicalmind for _samalander
In that place, she knew that friendship was a lie.

Operation Christmas (PG) a fic by poppetawoppet for anuna_81
a combination of 2 and 4: Every Christmas since they met, Natasha and Clint have been fighting for their lives/injured/on a mission. This Christmas, Clint has planned to give Natasha the Christmas she never had as a child. Until something happens and the rest of the team steps in to help.

Operation Cindy Lou Who (Or How the Avengers Saved Christmas) (PG-13) a fic by hermionerd for anillogicalmind
The Avengers reunite, save Christmas, and definitely aren’t doing gifts this year. For the prompts: The rest of the team; I'd love to see how the other Avengers interpret an established C/N relationship -- can be one or all. and What gifts would Clint and Natasha get each other for Christmas? I'd also love to see it extended to the other avengers & Pepper etc. I’m not sure I followed either prompt very closely, but they were definitely great inspiration!

Pas De Deux (PG-13) a fic by hiddencait for lar_laughs
It wasn’t that Clint didn’t like her, but damned if the dancer wasn’t way too much of a diva for his taste. And really, he didn’t have to like her. He just had to keep her alive.

Perspectives (PG) a fic by ittykat for aerrin
Perspective is all about angles and interpretations.

Rascals, Scoundrels, Villains, and Knaves (PG-13) I | IIa | IIb | III | IV | Va fic by frea_o for icecream_junkie
Tortuga, 1745. It’s been three years since they last sailed together, but when an old enemy resurfaces and takes one of their own, it’s up to the crew of the Avenging Angel to assemble and take to the high seas once more. Or: the one where everybody is a pirate except the two canonical characters with eyepatches. Drink up me ’earties, yo-ho.

The Road to Darkness (NC-17) a fic by tortuousphoenix for pennydrdful
Post-movie, where Natasha helps Clint mentally recover from Loki's spell.

The Season is Upon Us (PG) a fic by ??? for anuna_81 and cybermathwitch
Where Natasha gets a little of the green rage eyed monster, Clint is a little boy roaring for love and acceptance, and the team is together like a family.

The Sound of Silence (R) a fic by hanorganaas for queenriley
After the standoff with Loki, Clint tells Natasha a secret that has long burdened him

snow / glass (PG-13) a fic by cybermathwitch for anillogicalmind
Snow makes her cold and makes her think of unattainable things, but are things really all that unattainable anymore?

Soiree (PG)</a> a fic by ruby_caspar for sienamystic
Georgette Heyer Regency AU. The Dowager Duchess known as the Black Widow is the talk of the ton - rich and mysterious, the only way to meet this elusive lady is through the equally mysterious Mr Barton…

Soul Bonds (Mix, Artwork, and Vid)
Handling the Handler (Fic) (NC-17) a basket and fic by telaryn for phdelicious
Banter, kissing, first time together, Clint/Natasha/Coulson inspired the fic. “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” -Warren Buffett pretty much drove everything else.

Still Walking (PG-13) a fic by pennydrdful for amanuensis1
One dies. The team does what they can to comfort the other.

Thank You! (PG) a basket by inkvoices, oresteia, purely_distel, & hermyfan for anuna_81 & cybermathwitch

"This was all I was meant to be" (PG) art by toscaterrier for bob5fic
Since the prompt was so open-ended, I went hunting around bob5fic's journal for ideas and found this part of 'The Equilibrists'. Admittedly I read it out of order from the rest (and later went back to work through it all), but it was lovely and I wanted to try something based on the fic. I think I went through about four tries before finding one I was happy with; this is based off the last section of part twelve. (The title is pinched from the last line, too.)

Untitled (G) a basket by phdelicious for telaryn
2 Wallpapers (1366x768) and 5 icons of the angsty variety

Untitled (PG) art by daxcat79 for sgteam14283

We Wish You a Covert Christmas, and a Clandestine New Year (PG-13) a fic by nessataleweaver for book_junkie007
Five Christmas-time missions Clint and Natasha did as a favor to Nick Fury, and one Christmas-time favor he did them in return.

Wild Dedication (PG-13) a fic by _samalander for hermionerd
Outsider perspective(s) (another Avenger or S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) at various points in their relationship--first meeting, early days, friendship, get together, etc.

Wild Horses & Head vs. Heart (PG) art by kl_shipper1 for earlofcardigans
Wild Horses: I love all the tropes where people age regress for any reason./I love all AUs. Pretty much your typical high school AU. When Natasha Romanova becomes the new student at the high school Clint Barton attends, the two immediately connect, and eventually form a deep friendship. Head vs. Heart: I want to read about Natasha leading a mission and being so much more than a competent killer. In which pre-S.H.I.E.L.D. Natasha shows emotion on a mission gone sideways and saves a child/children from the destruction left behind in the aftermath. Could this be what convinces Clint to make a different call?

Worlds Collide (PG-13) Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three a fic by sugar_fey for enediyne
Prompt: "Do you know what it's like to be a lover? To be half of a whole?" They have always been two halves of a whole, colliding, falling apart and coming back together again.

Community Gifts

Just Over the Dawn (R) a fic by anuna_81
“He doesn't notice when exactly it happens, but somehow he feels more involved and less lonely”. Or – how Steve’s Christmas sucked, but turned out much better than he ever hoped. Having good friends certainly helped. Part of the Kobayashi Maru series.

Icons by frea_o & inkvoices

Warmth (R) a fic by alphaflyer
Clint stops pacing the apartment and ventures a look at her through eyelashes that feel like they’re about to be encrusted in ice. Natasha, of course, is busy pretending that she isn’t freezing to death.

Banners & Graphics

Gift Banners Master Post by daxcat79, frea_o, hermyfan, inkvoices, oresteia, & purely_distel

Participation Graphics by frea_o, hermyfan, inkvoices, & purely_distel

Sharing/Sign-Up Banners by inkvoices
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