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BASKET: The Nature of Dust (for sugar_fey) - R

Title: The Nature Of Dust
Author/Artist: inkvoices
A Gift Basket For: sugar_fey
Rating(s): R for sex
Warning(s): highlight to view (spoilerish)*sex, mild bondage (with rope), offering sex as payment, kind of personified weather trying to kill people/nature as violent and deadly*
Pairings: Clint/Natasha
Brief Description/Prompts Used: Fic with accompanying collage of graphics/manipulations and icons for the prompt 1930s dustbowl AU. Clint and Natasha are members of a travelling circus. Dark/supernatural elements a la Carnivale optional but very welcome. Thanks to this prompt I am now watching Carnivale, but I’m not familiar enough to use the supernatural elements from it… so I made up my own. I hope this is something like what you were looking for! Happy Holidays :)
Authors Notes: Title taken from the song ‘Nature of Dust’ by Laura Marling. http://www.goodmagic.com/carny/c_a.htm covers all of the circus slang used in the fic. I’ve aimed for historical accuracy, except for use of fire poi – my research suggests that wasn’t really around until the early 1960s, but the character that performs with it is well travelled and innovative, and I really wanted to use it ;)
It takes a village: many thanks to the legion of people who helped me with the research for this, thanks to everyone who bounced ideas around with me, huge thanks to the amazing rthstewart and lar_laughs for applying their magic beta abilities to my words, and thanks to anuna_81 and cybermathwitch for orchestrating this whole Secret Santa party.

Banner by inkvoices

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Tags: fan art, fanwork: au, fanwork: hot under the collar, fanwork: once a long time ago, fanwork: rope, fanwork: secret marriage, fanwork: ust, fic, graphics, icons, pics, secret santa 2012
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