workerbee73 (workerbee73) wrote in be_compromised,

Alphabet wars.

Question for the class: 

Can anyone shed some light on the different spellings of Natasha's name?  Specifically I'm thinking "Romanoff" versus "Romanov."  I was noticing that the AO3 tag has "Romanov" while in the movie they spell it "Romanoff."  I suspect it has something to do with Russian grammar/spelling and American bungling of same.  There's also the "Natalia" v. "Natasha" thing, which if I understand right she changed when she defected.  (Or did I just read that in a fic somewhere and now it's my headcanon?)

And as a follow-up, is there a good case to be made that the movie got it wrong by going with "ff" instead of "v"?  Or to put it simply, why deviate from movie!canon?
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