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Mini-Promptathon Posting Guide


Please read this post fully if you plan to participate and let us know if you have any questions. Happy promptathon everybody!

When you can post8:00 A.M. EST on Thursday February 14th.  Here's a handy dandy time zone converter to figure out when this is happening on an internet near you.

How to post:
1.  Respond in a comment to the prompt you are filling.
2.  Make sure to label your submission in the subject line with the type of fanwork(fic/icon/artwork/vid/fanmix/etc.) + the Title + the Rating + the Warnings (or say "chosen not to warn.")  For example:

"FIC: That Time Clint and Natasha Were Awesome Badass Asaassinpeople on Valentine's Day, rated: PG, no warnings"

When filling in the subject line, you may need to view the comm in it's original style (if you don't already). Just make sure you can see a subject line when responding with your submission.

3. Per our rules ratings and a warnings statement our required. If your post does not have this, it will be deleted. If the ratings or the warnings won't fit in the subject line, just leave them at the top of your post.

4.  Try and post the entire work in the comment (if it's short enough), or if not, post a link. I'm all about one-stop shopping whenever possible, so try and post in the main promptathon post if the length allows.  Also, if it is too long to post in the promptathon post, consider posting the first section as a teaser and then a link (b/c that's always fun too.)  Either way, be sure to label your post in the subject line as described above (**points to rule #2**).

For now, only post in the main mini-promptathon post and not directly to the comm so we can avoid being flooded with new posts right out of the gate. 

  • A single prompt can be filled by more than one person, so no worries if a prompt you like already has a submission. We are all about moar submissions! The more the merrier!
  • Be sure to wait until it's time to post. Early submissions will be deleted.  (Patience is a virtue, grasshopper.)
  • I will be making a masterlist of prompt fills, which I will try to update every day, so keep an eye out for this.

Questions? Comments? Stuff I forgot?  I'm so excited about this, y'all. So excited.

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