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Mini-Promptathon Masterpost, vol. 2

So LJ is giving me crap about the length of the original masterpost, so I'm starting vol. 2.. Bring on MOAR fic!

Fic: WWED (rated PG-13 for language only) by bob5fic
A different take on the "they woke up married in Vegas" trope. Clint wants a divorce/ annulment. Natasha doesn't.

FIC: cupid painted blind (PG - drunken conversations, UST, buddycops, a pinch of h/c) by workerbee73
Natasha - "No one's ever been gentle with me."

"St. Valentine is the patron saint of bee keepers and plague, too, you know."

FIC: Siren in Red (M; warnings for gore/horror, language, & horny Clint) by nessataleweaver
Valentine's Day Massacre.

Fic: Whatever It Takes (PG-13, warning for language/hospital situations) by lar_laughs
this poem.

Fic: It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage, teen, warnings: hospital setting, language by anuna_81
AU: Natasha Romanova and Clint Barton are actors making a romatic comedy who fall for each other.

Fic: They Will Rock You. Teen (Character death and swearing). by hufflepuffsneak
A Knight's Tale crossover/fusion AU.

Graphics and ficlet thing: the things one shouldn't do (PG13) warning for mention of murder and shirtless Clint by inkvoices
"I always want to know the things one shouldn't do."
"So as to do them?"
"So as to choose."

FIC: They Just Make that Stuff for the Tourists (PG, implied violence, excessive alliteration) by nessataleweaver
Clint and/or Natasha buying gifts for the other while on different assignments in different countries.

FIC: For they have a language on their very own (Siren in Red 2: M;implied violence swearing& squick- see note) by nessataleweaver
Natasha understands the the language of flowers


FIC: Breathe, cautious M, warning for language, blood, injury, almost nudity by shenshen77
Clint and Natasha. Valentine's Day. Rockie Mountains. Blizzard conditions. Plane crash. SHIELD is forced to call off the search and rescue.

fic: Connection Day - Chapter 1, Rating: M, No warning (this chapter) by purely_distel
“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

fic: dancing with fire, rating: pg, warnings: steampunkish/fantasy!AU? by sweetwatersong
"We took a left turn somewhere past crazy, but it seems a nice piece of road so far..."
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