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A Guide To Tags And Tagging

Please do tag your posts to help people find your lovely works and recs in the future and when you do rec or post please make sure to include a rating and also to identify any sensitive/trigger issues upfront. Everyone has been really great about this so far, thanks folks! Let's keep playing nice :)

admin stuff stuff about admin posted by your mods (mods use only)
all the things friday on fridays we have a post for recs, ideas, chatter, and joy around a new theme each week (mod organised, anyone can offer to host, anyone can suggest themes); this evolved from 'fanwork rec fridays'
art recs recs for fan art
avengers 2 / age of ultron news and stuff about the second Avengers team film Age of Ultron
banner challenge 2013 2013's monthly challenge to make a banner for the community
banner challenge 2014 new year, new community banner challenge
banner challenge 2015 obvious tag is obvious
banners banners
beta directory if you'd like to find a beta in this corner of the fandom, here's a pile of them; if you'd like to volunteer to beta read here's a place to do that
beware the squee posts that contain vast amounts of squee, 'squee' being a fandom phenomenon where fans make a rather excitable noise
captain america: civil war news and chatter about the upcoming civil war
comics chatter about Clint and Natasha in comics
creative support group support for flailing and ranting and capslocking and asking for help (with fics, art, creative works, get the idea)
delightful silliness the joys, the odd, sharing things and thoughts that made you smile
discussion for posts where discussion happens
everyone loves a poll and so here be polls
fan art fan art
fanwork rec fridays posts made every Friday where anyone and everyone can rec anything and everything related to the theme for that Friday’s post (see: all the things friday)
fanwork: age of ultron for all your works dealing with this
fanwork: angst in which there are painful feelings, woe, struggle
fanwork: aou divergent for all your works pretending these events never happened – be that everyone still lives in the Tower, killer bots never happened, or farm what farm
fanwork: arrow necklace because of something spotted in set photos for Winter Soldier
fanwork: au set in an alternative universe
fanwork: awww things that are cute or sweet and make you go 'awww'
fanwork: budapest set in or about budapest
fanwork: clint backstory about Clint’s history or the point is Clint’s history; prior to The Avengers
fanwork: clint starts at shield Clint joining SHIELD, his early days at SHIELD
fanwork: clint-centric in which Clint is the focus (useful for works in which Clint may be with someone other than Natasha, but you’re still recommending it because Clint is fantastic in it)
fanwork: crack the cracky and the whacky, the weird and wonderful
fanwork: crossover/fusion a crossover or fusion with something outside of the Marvel Universe (be that the Marvel Comics, Films, Shows etc)
fanwork: dark in which there is betrayal, pain, suffering, rape, death; worse than angst
fanwork: downtime where Clint and/or Natasha are domestic, or as domestic as Master Assassins can be; being themselves outside of work
fanwork: finally get together in which Clint and Natasha finally get their act together and hook up
fanwork: first meeting the first time Natasha and Clint meet
fanwork: funny amusing, hilarious, it made you smile a lot
fanwork: hot under the collar the steamy, sexy, and hot
fanwork: hurt/comfort clint hurt/comfort in which Clint is the focus
fanwork: hurt/comfort natasha hurt/comfort in which Natasha is the focus
fanwork: immediate fall-out in which consequences of the events of The Avengers (film) are dealt with (or not)
fanwork: little people where Clint and/or Natasha have kids, have had kids, have to look after a kid, have to deal with kids, or where people are turned into kids
fanwork: mission in which Clint and Natasha undertake a mission
fanwork: natasha backstory about Natasha’s history or the point is Natasha’s history; prior to The Avengers
fanwork: natasha starts at shield Natasha joining SHIELD, her early days at SHIELD
fanwork: natasha centric in which Natasha is the focus (useful for works in which Natasha may be with someone other than Clint, but you’re still recommending it because Natasha is fantastic in it)
fanwork: on the farm for all your farming requirements
fanwork: once a long time ago where Clint and Natasha hooked up once a long time ago
fanwork: ongoing relationship in which Clint and Natasha are together
fanwork: outsider pov where someone other than Clint and Natasha thinks about Clint and Natasha; where people have opinions on Clint/Natasha
fanwork: part of the team works about the team in which Clint and/or Natasha shine
fanwork: partners/buddycops they may not be together romantically, but Clint and Natasha are partners
fanwork: platonic for when the existing ‘fanwork: partners/buddycops’ just isn’t enough for the depth of best friend Clint & Natasha feelings
fanwork: polyamory for Clint/Natasha/Laura, Clint/Natasha/Laura/Bruce, Clint/Natasha/Bucky…any and all combinations your muse can come up with
fanwork: rope things inspired by THAT issue of Empire with Jeremy Renner and a rope (see here)
fanwork: secret marriage Clint and Natasha are secretly married, or get secretly married
fanwork: team!shawarma works featuring the shawarma scene from the end of The Avengers
fanwork: ust unresolved sexual tension between Clint and Natasha
fic fic
fic recs all of the fic recs
first fanworks for first creative works in this corner of fandom; see this post
friday is a day for all the things another tag for 'all the things friday' and 'fanwork rec fridays'; yes we have a lot of tags *whistles innocently*
friending meme a place to find friends, don’t be shy!
gif recs recs for those moving pictures
graphics graphics
graphics recs recs for graphics and pretty pictures
highly problematic needs its own tag things that cause us fans problems, often problems of a hot under the collar nature concerning Renner and/or Johanasson
hometown fic challenge a challenge to write a Clint/Natasha fic set in your hometown/a city you love and haved lived in; see here
how does this even happen? because we don't know
icon recs send people in the direction of icons
icons icons
impromptu dance parties celebrate and have a good time
interviews with Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johnasson, who play Clint and Natasha
introductions where there is some introducing
liveblog liveblogging of group watches
liveblog: avengers liveblogging of group watches of The Avengers (film)
marvel phase three for things from Civil War to...currently Inhumans
marvel phase two for things from the marvel films from Iron Man 3 to Ant-Man
marvel stuff things related to the wider marvel verse; marvel news
media: articles articles relevant to our interests
media: panels panels relevant to our interests
meta meta
meta recs recs for meta
monthly comics discussion post let's talk about comics
newsworthy stuff news, things from the news, things that should be news
pics pretty pictures, picspams
playlists and fanmixes playlists and fanmixes
podfic podfics
podfic recs recs for podfics
polite anarchy needs a tag anarchy, in a polite fashion
promptathon promptathon events (masterlists are linked in the sidebar)
promptathon 2014 we have so many promptathons that we have dedicated a tag specifically to the 2014 one for easier organisation
prompts are a thing we do we like prompts, here are some posts with prompts
psas should have a tag public service announcements
questions got one? Ask away! (Too shy? PM a mod.)
really important stuff attention all, important stuff posted by your mods (mods use only)
relevant to your interests things that may not seem specifically to belong here, but are relevant to our interests
remix exchange 2014 the 2014 Clint/Natasha remix exchange
sdcc things from San Diego Comicon that are relevant to our interests
secret santa 2012 the 2012 winter holiday exchange
secret santa 2013 the 2013 winter holiday exchange
secret santa 2014 the 2014 winter holiday exchange...are you noticing a trend here?
sharing is caring it is :)
sharing the love love, of things and people, shared :)
spammage this is post where you can share pictures, gifs, vids, hilarity; throw everything and anything this way
speculation it might happen, it might not, we like to chat about it anyway
thinky thoughts interesting thoughts, curious thoughts, things you've spotted; please share!
this is the very best bar the 'bar' is this community and the people in it <3
unfinished fic wednesday part of the creative support group; you can find out about it here
valentine's 2015 Valentine's Mini Promptathon 2015 got its own tag
vid recs recs of vids
wallpapers wallpapers
what's gonna work? teamwork crowd sourcing, team fun, team appreciation
what's happening in budapest aka signal boosts, things that are going on
winter solider posts about Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which we get to see more Natasha!
Tags: admin stuff, psas should have a tag, really important stuff
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