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Secret Santa 2013 Masterlist

A Christmas (Eve) Story
(fic, PG13) by chrisfaithalin for slytheringurrl
The story of Clint and Natasha, told through snapshots across various Christmas Eve’s spent together. For the prompt “Clint and Natasha get their Happily ever after! How does it happen?”

A Compromised Position
(gift basket, PG) by spyforaday for chrisfaithalin
Fanmix: Listen as Strike Team Delta evolves from the most successful partnership in the field into the intense, personal partnership they’ve denied themselves for years. Fic: Strike Team Delta doesn’t require a S.H.I.E.L.D. extraction plan, except for when they do. Enter Coulson and his Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

A Graphic Gift Basket!
(gift basket, Gen) by slytheringurrl for telaryn
Graphic wise, wallpaper (1600 x 900) or icons involving the two of them "undercover"

A Little Way Up The Road
(fic, PG) by sienamystic for charmingalias4
Clint's past, crossover with Eliot from Leverage

Along the Road
(fic, teen) by enigma731 for allisnow
Clint has an affinity for tacky airport souvenirs and candy with loud wrappers. Especially when they come with the added bonus of driving Natasha crazy. [Prompt: What they do to entertain themselves and each other (or keep from killing each other) during the long flight to their next mission.]

Always Here To Listen
(gift basket, E) by dagschicken for wizbey
Mainly deaf Clint

away, come away
(fic, PG13) by sweetwatersong for be_compromised
It's always New York that they keep coming back to. A Lost Girl/Avengers fusion.

Because I Can
(fic, PG13) by charmingalias4 for findthesea
1) Budapest (what really happened), 2) "Agent Barton was sent to kill me - he made a different call," and a little start of 3) Pre-Avengers - Clint/Natasha on a mission, learning how to trust one another

Bright Tonight
(fic, Gen) by enigma731 for sgteam14283
Clint plans to spend Christmas brooding, drinking, and watching Dog Cops. Natasha has other ideas. [Prompt: anything with Fraction!verse Clint and pizza dog.]

Come For The Free Food, Avoid The Management
(fic, PG13) by sugar_fey for _samalander
Clint is terrified that when Bobbi and Natasha meet, they're gonna be at each other's throats. He was not prepared for the nightmare of them being friends.

Da Capo (al Coda)
(fic, mature) by anuna_81 for enigma731
the song "Heart starts" by Matt Nathanson. I can't really pick out a part of the lyrics that grabbed me the most, entire song is just perfect. :)

Faith and Numbers
(fic, R) by _samalander for sugar_fey
For the Prompt: "I'll always bet on you." - Clint and Natasha haven't been working together long when he has to take a leap and trust that she knows what she's doing. It turns out she's doing the same.

5 Times Someone Tried to Interfere in Clint & Natasha’s Relationship and the 1 Time It Worked
(fic, PG) by jacedesbff for alphaflyer
1. Maria Hill always thought Barton and Romanov had psychopathic tendencies. Otherwise, how could they do what they did? But then ... 3. Tony and Pepper are happy(ish). They want Clint and Natasha to be happy(ish), too. 4. Steve visits Peggy in the hospice. Natasha decides to go with him -- and figures out something in the process. 5. Anything that makes you happy and contains a bit of banter or snark, will make me happy too. Yes please: … outsider POV, 5 +1, assumptions proven wrong … team!fic …

How Do I See You
(fic, G) by bluflamingo for franztastisch
Pepper gets to know Clint and Natasha, from we're-not-calling-it-girls'-night-out to friendly drop-ins to Italy

If I lose Myself
(fic, PG13) by hanorganaas for shenshen77
Clint has always helped Natasha with her nightmares, but when Clint starts having nightmares after the Loki Incident...she is at a loss of what to do.

Make The World Brand New
(fic & fanmix, 15) by whiskyinmind for anuna_81
Five different Christmases (I tried to touch on as many of the prompts as possible!)

Man on a Wire
(fic, mature) by enigma731 for jacedesbff
He moves with a certainty, a sharpness she isn’t sure she’s ever seen before, not even in the handlers she left behind after so many years. She wants to challenge him, wants to make that skill and confidence her own. [Prompt: Natasha is the one to pursue Clint instead of the other way around.]

(fic, PG13) by franztastisch for sweetwatersong
In some folk tales, the hero is challenged to hold onto someone and never release them, regardless of the shape the other person takes. Natasha won't let go, no matter what he becomes.

Of Love, Loyalty and Shovels
(fic, M) by nessataleweaver for whiskyinmind
As Clint’s apprentice in hero-ing (hero-ism? hero-ising?), Kate believes it’s her duty to give Natasha ‘the shovel talk’, and it doesn’t matter HOW terrified she is.

On the Horizon
(fic, G) by sgteam14283 for sienamystic
They drove with no destination in mind. Just them, the stars, and the open road ahead. Prompt used: Dusty American road trip.

Person of Interest: Midwest
(fic, PG13) by hufflepuffsneak for frea_o
AUs. I love me a good AU where you can just see the canon characters in the new roles. Make ’em detectives or athletes or teachers or baristas, whatever you like, I just love AUs.

Second Skin
(fic, PG13/T) by frea_o for hufflepuffsneak
Clint as a country sheriff dealing with mysterious murders on his home turf, Natasha as an FBI bigshot (or someone impersonating an FBI bigshot) +1 for Kate Bishop as a deputy or as a nosy teenage detective.

Seven Days
(fic, NC17) by quiet_rebel for be_compromised
Lazy mornings in bed, a week of waking up together in bed instead of being separated by oceans, countries, time zones...

Silver Bells
(fic, PG13) by alphaflyer for ellavescent
So you think that taking a baby on a mission to capture a kidnapping gang is nothing short of lunacy? Clint and Natasha couldn't agree more. Yet here they are, trapped in suburbia with a miniature civilian in tow, just days before Christmas -- theirs is not exactly a wonderful life. Or is it?

Synergy (or, 5 Times Clint and Natasha Didn’t Celebrate New Years Eve, And One Time They Did)
(fic, PG13) by findthesea for quiet_rebel
“Clint and Natasha celebrate New Years Eve.” (They’ve always spent it together, but not in the way most people would expect.)

The Truth of Him
(fic, NC17) by telaryn for hanorganaas
“Natasha uses something like BDSM to get Clint back on track aafter the Loki Incident.” “Clint’s turned on by Natasha speaking Russian.”

The Year After
(fic, PG13) by wizbey for dagschicken
Prompts were: Relaxing evening after a mission, driving down a highway, Clint teaches Natasha how to shoot, Valentines/Christmas

To Stupid Costumes and Relaxing for the Holidays
(fic, NC17) by ellavescent for nessataleweaver
1. Smutty smut, 2. Pirate costumes…for SOME reason. (really! Any reason is fine, including a Pirates vs Ninja flash mob)

Touch, Trust, Truth, Tulips
(fic, PG) by bluflamingo for shenshen77
Trapped by a storm, possibly about to be killed by evil assassins, and Clint out of action with a concussion – must be Friday, then.

we are the people
(gift basket, G) by allisnow for spyforaday
The stages of their relationship: Clint brings Nat to SHIELD, they work their up to star status becoming inseparable along the way, they fall in love, they become Avengers, they awkwardly act on their emotions, they realize they are a better team for finally acting on their desires, the whole team kicks @ss.

утверждение (assertion)
(fic, M) by shenshen77 for bluflamingo
Clint and Natasha are picking up the pieces and each other after the battle of New York. I used the prompt: Clint taking care of Natasha after the movie - she must have had some serious bruising, not to mention nearly being flattened by the Hulk. I had to adapt it a bit, as I don’t think Clint left the fray unscathed either, right? Anyway, I hope you enjoy :D


Gift Banners by frea_o, the banner for the gift from Frea by slytheringurrl, and banner for Bright Tonight by enigma731

participation banners, badges, and icons by slytheringurrl and frea_o
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