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The When
Now (Friday, January 31st) - February 7th 12 midnight eastern: Prompt! Prompt like the wind!
February 8th - February 15th: Fill those prompts like you've never filled problems before!

The What
Prompts: Can be related to love, friendship, huggin', kissin', lovin' (you get the picture), and all the things Valentine's Day-related.

The Where
Here! Right here in this post! Make sure each prompt gets its own happy little thread.

The What, Part 2
Fills: Post your fill, or a link to your fill - be it fic, art, a video of you preforming an interpretive dance, etc - as a reply to the prompt comment. Please don't post your fanwork separately to the comm, otherwise b_c might explode from the squee. EVERYTHING PROMPTY SHALL LIVE HERE. Oh, and remember that prompts can have multiple fills.

The How
Rules on posting will be added as we get closer to the 8th. But you know the gist. Title, rating, warnings.

Okay that's enough from us. Have fun, campers!

allisnow & enigma731

Tags: beware the squee, promptathon, prompts are a thing we do

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