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Clint/Natasha Remix Exchange Posting Info and Master List

Hello bar! A reminder that posting for our first Clint/Natasha Remix Exchange commences on the 22nd of June. You can check your posting date the Posting Date Sign Ups.

I'm excited to read all the fics!

When posting your fic, please fill out the following:

Remix Recipient:
Warnings (or 'I choose not to warn'):
Author's Note:
Fic I've Chosen To Remix (please include link):

The author's note is optional, but as this is a remix exchange, it would be a good opportunity to talk about why you chose this particular fic to remix, and perhaps what angle you decided to go with.

Once you've posted your fic (or made a post with a link to your fic, if you choose to upload it elsewhere), please comment on this post with a link so we can add your fic to the Master List.

Have fun posting and reading your fics!

Master List

franztastisch wrote Firebird (rated Mature) for enigma731
alphaflyer wrote Shards (rated T) for i_llbedammned
telaryn wrote Other Side of the Mirror (rated PG-13) and The Past That Never Leaves You (rated R) for allisnow
i_llbedammned wrote Love (rated T) for findthesea
_samalander wrote featherstep (rated Mature) for franztastisch
hufflepuffsneak wrote Coffee and Commitment Issues (Not Rated) for sugar_fey
enigma731 wrote The Deserter's Song (rated Mature) for hanorganaas
shenshen77 wrote Returning Kindness (rated T) for alwayslera
inkvoices wrote now that I have your attention (rated T) for hufflepuffsneak
scribble_myname wrote Learning Natasha (Again) (rated G) and Dreaming of Budapest (rated G) for sienamystic
allisnow wrote safety pin me to your chest so can stay put (rated Mature) for telaryn
sienamystic wrote Thaw (rated G) for alphaflyer
sugar_fey wrote Almost Home (rated T) for inkvoices
findthesea wrote wound you up like i tied a bow (rated Explicit) for _samalander
franztastisch wrote This Bitter Earth (rated T) for inkvoices
hanorganaas wrote Marriage is For Children (rated T) for scribble_myname
wizbey wrote Through the eyes of a sniper on vacation (rated PG13) for shenshen77
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