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Promptathon 2014

The Good Ship C/N Promptathon
of Magic and Joy: Round 3

Break out the confetti canons!!

(please read before you post! <3)

The Rules. Just follow these three easy steps!

1. Leave a Prompt.
Prompts can be anything--simple or elaborate, words or pictures, songs or poems, lyrics or phrases. Anything that, to you, inspires a C/N fanwork. Use your imagination. Go WILD. All we ask is that you place anything NSFW under a cut or link, use trigger warnings when appropriate, and place anything spoiler-y under a cut with a warning. As this is a Clint/Natasha promptathon, your prompts and fanworks can include other characters, but the central focus must be on Clint and/or Natasha. If you’re posting large images, please be mindful of members with slower Internet connections and place the image under a cut or link.

And leave as many prompts as you want. I’m serious. Keep coming back, y’all. We want all the prompts we can possibly get Also, be sure to leave each prompt as a separate comment.

2. Wait a week.
Keep leaving prompts and plan your fanworks! This is a time for celebration and creating all of the things. Work hard, shippers.

3. Submit C/N fanwork like there is no tomorrow.
All submissions should either be posted here or linked to this post via a comment. We will make an official post about rules in the time leading up to submissions. Please read it before posting, as responsible partying is to be encouraged at all times.


Prompting starts today, August 2nd and will remain open until August 9th. Submissions will start on August 16th, and will remain open until August 31st.  It is, in fact, A WHOLE MONTH OF PROMPTATHON.

If you can’t complete your fanwork by August 31st, that’s okay. You’re still welcome to post your fanwork to the community! However, the promptathon masterlist will only include fanworks from August 16-31.

What we hope to accomplish with all this promptathon-iness:

  • A chance to get in the game. Been wanting to jump into the C/N fanwork scene but not sure where to start? Now’s the time. There’s no length requirement on the works submitted, you can focus on drabbles and vidlets and short and sweet projects (or do longer more epic stuff if that strikes your fancy as well).  It’s really entirely up to you. We’re just hoping to provide a fun, no-pressure environment. If all you want to do is post prompts and share in the squee, that’s fine too!

  • Meet new and awesome people. Newbie or lurker? Here is the perfect opportunity to say hello!

  • Ship like you’ve never shipped before.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the mod team.

Have fun, everyone. Now fly, my pretties, fly!


Thanks to everyone who participated!
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