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Promptathon 2014 Masterlist

Welcome to your handy masterlist, which will be updated throughout with new fills so you'll be able to keep track of everything without trawling through the whole promptathon post (although that's fun and I highly recommend it *grins*) and then hopefully you won't miss anything!

We have the full promptathon post here where you post your fills, an epic spreadsheet here to help with keeping track, and please read the rules for posting fills HERE. THEN COMMENT TO THIS POST WITH A LINK TO WHERE YOUR FILL COMMENT IS ON THE PROMPTATHON THREAD.

Phil Noto art

The Masterlist

FIC: Just Like The Setting Sun (M, choose not to warn) by franztastisch
Gladiator AU, where they are both gladiators

FIC: I Will Not Ask (and neither should you) (G, no warnings) by cybermathwitch
I would not ask you were you came from, I would not ask and neither would you.
Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips, we should just kiss like real people do.
[Like Real People Do, Hozier]

FIC: mustang heart (alt) (PG, canon-typical injuries) by sweetwatersong
Wild West AU and AU! Natasha rides horses. Clint steals horses (among other things)

FIC: Dressing Room Stories (G, no warnings) by krilymcc
Natasha is trying to find jeans that fit. Clint is her shopping companion.

FIC: Walking Disaster (G, no warnings) by krilymcc
Clint actually doesn't get hurt on missions all that often, too much situational awareness. But everyone remembers the time he sprained his neck getting the Nutella down from the top shelf. Or the time he broke his toe when he walked into the couch table. Nat doesn't know if she wants to pity him or headslap him.

FIC: What If (G, chose not to warn) by slytheringurrl
"You don't have my permission to die"

FIC: Just Call Me Inspiration (T, no warnings) by only_because3
Clint and Natasha find Real Person Fic of themselves.

FIC: After The Bombs (M, PTSD, combat related injuries, sexual references) by sugar_fey
Natasha's a war bride, and Clint's a soldier.

FIC: our memories are like a city (T, very minor references to violence) by findthesea
T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed.
Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come;
'Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far
and Grace will lead me home.

FIC: Green Card Marriage (PG, no warnings) by krilymcc
One of the conditions of Natasha joining SHIELD is that she has to get a green
card. Which is how she and Clint found themselves at the town hall, filling out a marriage license.

FIC: These Terrible Truths (T, no warnings) by scribble_myname
“Our eyes are full of terrible confessions.” - Anne Sexton, The Black Art

FIC: One More Day (Teen, Choose Not to Warn) by scribble_myname
Every morning, she makes the decision not to kill him for one more day.

FIC: Furniture Shopping by shaneequ_a
Clint and Natasha go to Ikea. Clint and Natasha assemble Ikea furniture / Clint’s not sure how it happened, but one day he wakes up and they’re living together.

FIC: Matchmake Hearbreak (PG, arning for infidelity/ disloyalty (kinda)) by hufflepuffsneak
Clint is a professional matchmaker and Natasha is a professional matchbreaker (for when things don't go so right, but she'll look the other way too if it's just a meddling parent).
They get hired for the same couple.

FIC: Five Times Natasha Attempted to Seduce Clint (and the first time she succeeded) (PG, warning for offscreen drugging) by hufflepuffsneak
Natasha has spent five years trying every trick in the book except telling Clint point blank that she loves him, but when he tells someone she's like his sister, that's the last straw

FIC: I didn't sign up for this shit (PG, no warnings) by hufflepuffsneak
Stranded in the middle of nowhere in Australia, Clint and Nat face terrifying things like emus. (Aka, I didn't sign up for this). Especially if it's an early partnership fic.

FICBIT: untitled (G, no warnings) by hufflepuffsneak
Clint is a hapless grunt worker that stumbles onto some big mafia shenanigans. Natasha is the CIA agent tasked with keeping him safe as a result.

FIC: Matchmaker Fail (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Early partnership-Clint plays matchmaker trying to set up Natasha with young recruits.

FIC: they died with me... (M, choose not to warn) by scribble_myname
When I was a child, I heard voices, / Some would sing and some would scream. / You soon find you have few choices, / I learned the voices died with me. [Arsonist's Lullabye, Hozier]

FIC: Hawkeye's Pet Supplies (PG, no warnings) by hufflepuffsneak
AU where Clint and Kate work at a pet store. Natasha starts coming in with questions about this cat she is not acquiring that she is not purchasing things for. Kate is amazing at wide-eyed confirmation of denial. Bonus points if she thinks Natasha simply made the cat up since she seems way more interested in oblivious Clint is oblivious and always seems to leave irritated that he learns more about the cat than Natasha.

FIC: Your Beautiful Lies (T, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Natasha thinks she's a better person around Clint. Clint thinks she's been that person all along. They're both wrong.

DRABBLE FIC: The Best Part of Waking Up (G, no warnings) by crazy4orcas
lazy mornings on summer days

FIC: The Amazing Race - Marvel Season (M but chapter 1 is G, Minor violence, and characters confronting phobias. References to past physical and sexual child abuse, rape, and religious indoctrination) by hufflepuffsneak
Amazing Race AU!

FIC: untitled (PG, reference to character death) by hufflepuffsneak
A zombie film is viewed at Avengers film night. Discussion turns to what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Clint and Natasha will be prepared. Points for everyone finding assassions scary. Points for JARVIS weighing in on the discussion. Zombie Apocalypse Planning hilarity please

FIC: untitled (G, no warnings) by hufflepuffsneak
Clint and Natasha have to go undercover at a theme park as costumed characters – heroes Hawkeye and Black Widow from The Avengers. People tell Clint he makes a pretty good Hawkeye, but Natasha keeps getting told she really looks nothing like Black Widow.

FIC: No Good Men (T, no warnings) by scribble_myname
If you have to look along the shaft of an arrow from the wrong end, if a man has you at his mercy, then hope like hell that man is an evil man. Because the evil like power, power over people, and they want to see you in fear. They want you to know you are going to die. So they'll talk. They'll gloat.
They'll watch you squirm. They'll put off the murder like another man will put off a good cigar.
So hope like hell your captor is an evil man. A good man will kill you with hardly a word. ~ Terry Prtachett, Men At Arms

FIC: Dangerous Sleeping Habits of the Lethally Employed (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Learning to share a bed.

FIC: Like campfires in the dark (M, references to canon-typical violence) by scribble_myname
It's the journey, not the destination. Dystopian road/journey fic, AU or not.

FIC: The Portland Job (G, no warnings) by sgteam14283
Crossover with Leverage, please.

FIC: Where bones were made to weep (M, choose not to warn) by scribble_myname
Holy water cannot help you now / See I've come to burn your kingdom down ~ Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine (Possibly a vampire AU vibe... Definitely a vengence vibe.)

FIC: untitled (PG, very mild sexual content) by hufflepuffsneak
Clint's not quite sure how it happened, but one day he wakes up and they're living together.

FIC: Antithesis (T, choose not to warn) by scribble_myname
Sometimes Natasha thinks Clint Barton is the very antithesis of the Red Room.

FIC: how to be considerate to your partner without bringing home a dead body (G, no warnings) by findthesea
Natasha doesn't know what kind of food she likes because she's spent her whole life eating whatever was appropriate to the job, so Clint makes it a mission to take her to every kind of restaurant, diner, and ethnic place to try it all - early SHIELD

FIC: Public Displays of Affection (M, no warnings) by scribble_myname
5 increasingly affectionate public displays of affection. (and 1 time they got caught making out/having sex?)

FIC: Hawkeye's Home for Adrift Superheroes (T, Choose not to warn) by skysalla
Hawkeye meets Spider Man on a roof. As you do. Natasha wants to know what is it with Clint and these young wannabe superhero idiots. Avengers/Amazing Spider Man, also featuring Kate from Hawkeye comics and possibly other youngsters?

FIC: There's a hole in my soul (can you fill it?) (G, no warnings) by ohmydarlingdear
Clint is asexual but not aromantic. Natasha starts hanging out with him for the break from sexual attention and ends up falling in love with him.

FIC: Junk Food and Dirty Socks: A Love Story (G, no warnings) by igrockspock
Clint and Natasha being domestic together.

FIC: The Time Machine (PG-13, no warnings) by igrockspock
Natasha and/ or Clint get sent back into time to Natasha's early childhood. They have to choose between maintaining the timeline and saving bby!Natasha from her fate.

FIC: The Idiot's Guide to Dating Russian Assassins (PG-13, no warnings) by igrockspock
5 people who gave oblivious Clint hints that Natasha was interested in a relationship with him and had been since they met, then the 1 person who finally manages to clue him in

FIC: when you fall, you fly (rated T, mild PTSD) by findthesea
Coffee shop NOT AU. Post Avengers, pre Winter Soldier, The Avengers have moved into Stark Tower and everyone is busy with their own lives. Clint, meanwhile has been suspended and feels useless. There's a coffee shop on a lower floor in the tower that he notices being understaffed or having someone quit when he's exploring and this, Clint feels, he can be qualified for.

FIC: Wash It All Away (explicit, no warnings apply) by enigma731 & _samalander
This picture prompt NSFW

FIC: Put Out the Fire on Us (general audiences, no warnings apply) by enigma731 & findthesea
Natasha was being sold by the KGB and was going to end up dead when Clint bought her to save her and bring her to SHIELD. It takes him a while to convince her not to treat him like her new master/handler.

FIC: The Thing (M, some smutty insinuations) by alphaflyer
"Natasha has been wondering about this for a long time now. Finally, she can't stand it anymore.
"Maria,"" she asks over a cappuccino. ""Do you have any idea why so many people seem to be convinced that Barton and Coulson are a Thing?"

Also Natasha falls in love with Clint first, if you squint.

Fic: untitled (G, no warnings) by hufflepuffsneak
Notting Hill AU. But seriously, can't you just see bookstore owner Clint fall for movie star Nat? And all his friends that he calls The Avengers rooting for them?

FIC: Professors Romanoff and Barton (PG, no warnings) by hufflepuffsneak
College professors AU

FIC: After Hours (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Early SHIELD days or at least pre-Avengers days, when both Natasha and Clint are living on base or at a SHIELD facility, they have insomnia. Cue late night wanderings, food, tv shows, talking, companiable silence... Sometimes other people who're awake as well maybe.

FIC: The Assassin's Guide to Dating (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Clint shows up 15 minutes late with Starbucks.

FIC: Some Like It Hot (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
One of the two just can't handle spicy food, to the endless amusement of the other.

FIC: Add More Chocolate (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Clint really thought he could handle everything life could throw at him. Then he saw Natasha, baking cookies.

FIC: Pillow Talk (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Gentle slices of life.

FIC: When Did That Happen? (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Clint's not quite sure how it happened, but one day he wakes up and they're living together.

FIC: Before the Cup of Tea (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Clint has seen many scary things, but none so terrifying as Natasha before her morning cup of tea.

FIC: Hold Me Close (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Natasha is absolutely horrified to find she enjoys cuddling with Clint.

FIC: Only Finger-Lengths (T, character death) by franztastisch
Death fic. Natasha reads Clint’s will or vice versa.

FIC: Be Humankind (T, no warnings) by franztastisch
Put Clint and Natasha in your place of work.

FIC: I Owe Him a Debt (T, no warnings) by cybermathwitch
Natasha owes Clint a debt. After all these years , she is shocked when he calls it in.

FIC: 5 times an undergrad found out Professors Barton and Romanoff were married to each other (PG, no warnings) by hufflepuffsneak
College Professors AU

FIC: untitled (G, no warnings) by hufflepuffsneak
Somebody had to do it: Guardians of the Galaxy crossover/fusion ...

FIC: 5 Times the Black Widow Played with Her Food and Hawkeye Watched (M, no warnings) by scribble_myname
The Black Widow likes to play with her food. Hawkeye watches.

FIC: Quit Bugging Me (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
And because I always love seeing what people come up with for this: AU put Clint and Natasha in your place of work.

FIC: I can feel your pulse in the pages (T, character death) by ohmydarlingdear
Death fic. Natasha reads Clint’s will or vice versa.

FIC: This is how we do it... (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
He wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts, he's archery captain, and I blew up the bleachers...

FIC: Remind Me How to Breathe (T, choose not to warn) by scribble_myname
I know you'd die for me, but would you live for me too?

FIC: Recessional (T, no warnings) by cybermathwitch
Natasha and/ or Clint get sent back into time to Natasha's early childhood. They have to choose between maintaining the timeline and saving bby!Natasha from her fate. (If they change things: Rhodey's suit kills Iron Man in the Avengers, the portal doesn't get closed in Avengers, HYDRA isn't discovered soon enough and the Helicarriers go active, etc)

FIC: These Five Years (Gen, no warnings) by sneakronicity
Natasha has spent five years trying every trick in the book except telling Clint point blank that she loves him, but when he tells someone she's like his sister, that's the last straw.

FIC: The Roads Between (M, canon-typical violence) by scribble_myname
SHIELD was formed to protect against the supernatural. The Great Strangeness began in the wild places and is slowly spreading across the globe, leaving people changed in its wake, or at least those who survive as villages become forests and creatures destroy lives. Humans flock to the cities, populations becoming concentrated, like gathering around campfires in the dark. Clint has arrows dipped in holy water. Natasha has silver bullets. And one of them has a secret.

WIP FIC: The Breaking Light (1/?) (R, vague mentions of suicide) by cybermathwitch (also here)
Pacific Rim AU / Pacific Rim AU. Because there are never enough Pacific Rim AUs.

FIC: We Understand Each Other (T, no warnings) by scribble_myname
Trusting Clint was easy. Trusting herself around him? Not so much.

FIC: Clint Barton: Human Disaster (G, no warnings) by sgteam14283
That time Clint tried Nat's signature thigh chokehold in a desperate attempt against a goon.

FIC: Just one. A Few. (Who am I?) (Teen and Up, chose not to warn) by krilymcc
Orphan Black AU/crossover.

FIC: untitled (G, no warnings) by hufflepuffsneak
Fake!engagement. Natasha and Clint go undercover as a soon to be married couple to catch a criminal using a wedding planning business as a front. We're talking cake testing, dress fittings, wedding song choices, the works.

FIC: Dance History 10 (T, no warnings) by lamortducygne
Natalia Alianovna is the world-famous Russian ballerina, even if no one knows the brutal training that got her there. Natasha Romanoff is the exchange student next door that Clint falls for, never realizing she's the poster he has hanging on his wall.

FIC: The Map (G, no warnings) by crazy4orcas and franztastisch
You know how people have pinboard or sticker maps with all the places they've been marked with coloured pins? And maybe places they want to go? Clint and Natasha have a map, which started out as a joke and was on the wall of Coulson's office or a SHIELD breakroom, but has migrated to the Avenger's Tower or elsewhere... Anyway, they have this map. With all the places they've been shot, stabbed, fallen from high places, fake married someone, fake married each other, been arrested, broken out of jail, been banned by that country's government, been banned from going to again by Fury... Insert amusing conversations and/or incidents.

FIC: In Good Times and in Bad Times (G, chose not to warn) by sandrasfisher
Natasha can't have children, so she and Clint decide to adopt

FIC: Good Morning, New York! (Teen and Up, chose not to warn) by alphaflyer
JARVIS is a total shipper and tries to get Clint and Natasha together plus Clint and Nat being interviewed by Oprah or someone on TV here modified with I don't know if I want to write them being interviewed by someone awesome (like Ellen), or someone not awesome, who they stare down and mess with here

FIC: In our bedroom after the war (Teen, no warnings) by krilymcc
(Post Winter Soldier) A battered and bruised Natasha walks into her apartment, the one in New York that they share. She grabs a throw pillow off the end of the couch and startles a napping Clint awake when she starts beating him about the head and shoulders with it.
"Come with me, you said! Work for the good guys, you said! Clear some red from your ledger, you said!"
Meanwhile, Clint is all like "Hunh? Wha-? What happened?"

FIC: Here Be Dragons (G, no warnings) by scribble_myname
By the time Clint arrived outside Stark's lab, there was smoke seeping out from underneath the door. The hand-drawn sign stuck to the door said 'There Be Dragons.' He turned to Tony, who was wheezing and covered in soot.
"Please tell me that's a joke."
Stark just looked at him, and something in his eyes hit Clint like a punch in the gut.
"Tony?" he said carefully. "Where's Natasha?"

FIC: untitled (G, no warnings) by hufflepuffsneak
JARVIS is a total shipper and tries to get Clint and Natasha together.

FIC: light through an open door (PG13, canon-typical violence, gore) by sweetwatersong
Soulmarks AU where Clint has an hourglass on his back over his heart and Natasha has an arrowhead on her front over her heart. They come from different cultures though that interpret these marks differently. Soulmarks is just one theory on what they mean. Natasha recognizes Clint when he has an arrow pointed right at the arrowhead mark.

FIC: Taste (PG13, no warnings) by akaz40
The Black Widow likes to play with her food; Hawkeye watches.

And that's a wrap, folks! You can still fill prompts, just add your creations to the comm as normal - they won't be added to this masterlist or classed as promptathon fics. Huge amounts of thanks to everyone who prompted, filled, reviewed, commented, beta read, did cheerleading, and generally took part, you bar made of wonderful!

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