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Secret Santa 2014 Masterlist

Secret Santa Masterlist 2014

bomb shelters under your skin (PG13)
by _samalander for sweetwatersong
Clint's marriage is over, so he takes the assignment no one else will: killing the Black Widow.

Burn With Me Tonight (T)
by scribble_myname for krilymcc
He demanded leverage. She gave it. She let him claim her and her child legally in the form of marriage and adoption papers. That was the bargain, not affection. Prompt: any kind of kid!fic/or Baby fic

Christmas Lights and Limelight (PG)
by hufflepuffsneak for sandrasfisher
Natasha is trained from childhood by Red Room Records to be the perfect popstar. Sold to HYDRA Records, she travels to the US and becomes the international sensation known as The Black Widow. Despite her fame, she'll need a lot of luck and a little Christmas magic to break free from the Red Room and HYDRA.

Christmas past and present (K)
by mac409 for onlybecause3
Clint fell out of a building again and thinks about past Chrismases he spend with Natasha.

Citation Needed (PG)
by sgteam14283 for sneakronicity
In academics it's kill or be killed, fortunately Clint knows how to navigate it. Until he meets a professor from Berkley.

Codes (Teen)
by sienamystic for jacedesbff
WWII AU. In occupied Paris, a story of spies and wartime.

companion (PG)
by krilymcc for bluflamingo
Clint wants a pet. Natasha doesn’t. (Prompt: Adopting a kitten (or puppy))

Danger Is My Middle Name (G)
by i_llbedammned for alphaflyer
Their lives were far apart, yet oddly similar: Clint in the circus, Natasha in the Red Room -- both were made to perform at other people's behest, and for other people's profit. When they discovered choice, they chose...

Hello, Darkness (PG13)
by alphaflyer for sgteam14283
The worst thing is the silence. (deaf!Clint and mission!fic)

Home for the Holidays (PG)
by wizbey for shenshen77
Clint and Natasha as a team of architect and lawyer helping out people who have been duped by contractors and are now living in the ruins of their dream home, your choice of who does which. The lawyer will try to bring about some kind of agreement with the contractor/getting justice for the clients while the architect and their team work on righting all that's wrong with the house and making it into a home. With some deaf!Clint thrown in :)

i am my own savior, you are a companion (PG13)
by findthesea for be_compromised community
This is not a beautiful life, Clint Barton.” (For the prompt: their lives were far apart, yet oddly similar: Clint in the circus, Natasha in the Red Room – both were made to perform at other people’s behest, and for other people’s profit. When they discovered choice, they chose…)

Keep Her In The Air (When She Ought To Fall Down) (NC17)
by telaryn for eiluned
Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff were born - and in Natasha's case bred - to serve the Alliance. No one cared when they began sleeping together; under Alliance law an Operative like Natasha could take as many sexual partners as she liked so long as it didn't interfere with her duties.
A baby would interfere. As would the very deep and very illegal feelings growing between the Operative and her favorite sniper.
Now married and on the run for a new life on the Rim, with a baby due literally any moment, Clint and Natasha cross paths with the crew of Serenity. (babyfic Firefly AU)

Look How Bright We Are (M)
by shenshen77 for findthesea
Natasha used to be a soldier, until one day she wasn't anymore. Nowadays, she works as a witness protection specialist and her boss, police chief Nick Fury, has a special assignment for her that will change her life. (Accidental baby acquisition, BUT not in the fluff way)

Merry Christmas, Natasha (K)
by mockingjay34 for be_compromised community
Snapshots of Christmases with Clint and Natasha.

Operation Seduce an Avenger (PG13)
by celeste9 for telaryn
When Natasha elicits interest in their fellow Avengers’ skills in the bedroom, Clint decides a threesome would be an excellent idea. Steve won’t even know what hit him.

Out of the Woods (Teen)
by enigma731 for franztastisch
You won't disappoint me, I can do that myself.

#RememberYourPromise (PG)
by jacedesbff for hufflepuffsneak
“Bodyguard AU” and “Winter Olympics”

Room to Breathe (PG)
by spyforaday for celeste9
Natasha experiences a rare moment of contentment as she reflects on the events immediately following the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. Her short list of trusted allies has gotten surprisingly longer, but one name still stands above all the others.

Silence the Past (Part 1 & Part 2) (M)
by sneakronicity for wizbey
Clint captured and experimented on by HYDRA/Red Room. Natasha isn't going to let that happen and goes to save him (off SHIELD's radar // with no help from SHIELD // present day rebuilding SHIELD with no resources exist). Bonus points for (fraction) Kate Bishop as Natasha's backup; Something with wings for the experiment on Clint; Cute comfort between Natasha and Clint.

Slide In (Adult)
by enigma731 for sienamystic
Natasha’s expected a mockery of a man, a virtual caricature fitting of the costume and the codename. All it takes is that first, single shot, for her to realize that she has been utterly wrong. [Prompt: Alternate first meeting.]

somewhere outside my life (T)
by onlybecause3 for i_llbedammned
Never spoken often, he always manages to use those three words when she feels at her lowest, covered in blood that is not hers.
Natasha released a sigh, a cloud of air escaping her lips. The mountain lion weighs a little lighter on her body. “I love you too.” (for the prompt: Clint and Natasha try to survive the zombie apocalypse together)

technicality (PG)
by sweetwatersong for inkvoices
There is snow on the ground, snow against the windows, and in a library on a long winter's night she finds the life that has led to a ledger.

The Avengers: Taking Chances (T+)
by sandrasfisher for sugar_fey
When a dare from a friend leads them into unknown territory, how will Clint and Natasha deal with their newly discovered feelings for each other?

The Cohabitation Clause (G)
by mahenry424 for crazy4orcas
The trials and tribulations of combining two drastically different households, two weapons lockers, a dog, a cat, “we’re not taking your couch Barton”, and “good lord, Nat, I knew about your two closets, but you had clothes in storage too?” into one happy home. Bonus if the other Avengers help them move.

The Company You Keep (NC17)
by geckoholic for scribble_myname
The first time doesn't really count for either of them. They don't glorify it in hindsight or put more into it than what it was: playing with fire, slowly dragging your hand over a flame you know could burn you alive. – Or, the one where Clint and Natasha get to know each other in the biblical sense the first time they meet and don’t catch feelings until later.

the highest state of friendship (PG13)
by inkvoices for _samalander
A futuristic space AU in which bounty hunters Natasha and Clint aren’t married. Actually they’re supposed to be hunting each other.

The Mystery of Budapest (PG13)
by hanorganaas for mockingjay34
Five possiblities of what had happened in Budapest imagined by the other Avengers and friends and one way it actually went down.

The Softer Side (G)
by crazy4orcas for mahenry424
I went with the open-ended “Anything you’re inspired to write” with big dashes of “day-in-the-life” and “fluff” and mixed in elements of “Clint and Natasha meet/set a play date for/otherwise deal with their pets (Lucky and Liho).”

the war is over and we are beginning (PG)
by ohmydarlingdear for mac409
Soulmates AU (any injury you get shows up on your soulmate's body as well). Five Christmases they spent together.

Thursday’s Child (PG13)
by sugar_fey for enigma731
Five times Nick Fury asked something of Natasha Romanoff, and one time she asked something of him. (Prompt: Clint, Nat, and mentorship. Could be any combination of the two of them mentoring each other, could include Fury or Hill)

Underneath and Unexplored (Explicit)
by eiluned for geckoholic
Natasha first tried to seduce Clint a few weeks after he helped her defect from Russia. A progression of emotion in five parts.

What We Did Right (G)
by bluflamingo for ohmydarlingdear
Clint and Natasha meet when she picks up her daughter from Clint's classroom, and talk out how they'll make it work. (Deaf Clint, teacher AU, bisexual characters)

your words in my memory (are like music to me) (T)
by findthesea for hanorganaas
“We’re not in the business of deserving second chances,” she says and for once, Clint thinks that she might be right. They’ve definitely overdrawn their fuck-around time, and for longer than he thinks they probably deserved.
For the prompt: Director Coulson re-recruits Clintasha back into SHIELD. You have free reign to explore what their first mission back in SHIELD is like.

zeus is bullshit (PG13)
by franztastisch for spyforaday
Combined team fic, especially involving Tony, and Natasha and Clint are complete without each other - but together, they are more than the sum of their parts. Or: Their lives are the richer for their love.

Participation Graphics by slytheringurrl. Banners by frea_o and ohmydarlingdear, with a contribution from enigma731 and inkvoices. Organised by your mods: sugar_fey, enigma731, frea_o, and inkvoices who wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015 :)
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