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AU Exchange Masterlist

Thank you to everyone who took part in the AU Exchange, including all you beta readers, cheerleaders, and commenting, kudos giving people! Between us we've written 12 fics, at 61,882 words (according to AO3), coming up with all kinds of creative alternate universes. If you missed any, or would like to revisit your favourites, here's the masterlist for your reading pleasure:

Dinosaurs and Hydra and Yetis - Oh My! (PG) by spyforaday for alphaflyer
Summary: The Avengers split up to investigate two possible Hydra bases. Clint and Natasha are on separate teams. And there are dinosaurs and Yeti sightings. This can't possibly end well. Or does it? There is no substance here, only team banter, a slow burn, and maybe an Easter egg or two if you stay for the post credit scenes. In no way is this AoU compliant.

Homeward Bound: The Adventures of the USS Avenger in the Delta Quadrant (T) by alphaflyer for celeste9
Summary: Sent to track the rebel ship Black Widow and to try and persuade her captain and certain of her crew members to work with Starfleet in defeating the Chitauri invaders, the USS Avenger under Captain S. Rogers finds itself displaced to the other side of the galaxy.

If You Got a Hammer and a Vise (PG13) by celeste9 for shenshen77
Summary: Clint thought getting out of the family business would make his life less complicated, but that was before Barney insisted he needed a bodyguard.

Not With A Bang (Teen) by sugar_fey for franztastisch
Summary:Kate asked him once, for his memories of what came before. A child of the Dust, she longs for her generation’s fairy stories.
But all Clint has to offer her is noise; the fury of the blast that took his left ear, and the roar of the chaos that followed.
Clint meets Natasha at the end of the world.

Palindromes (Explicit) by inkvoices for sandrasfisher
Summary: Isn’t it the same story whichever way you spin it? Tell me again, from the beginning.
Natasha Romanoff, born in America in January of 1971, doesn’t kill the kid who at some point came to be known as Clint Barton, born thirteen years after her in Russia. Instead she brings him in to SHIELD.

“Pilot” (Teen) by cybermathwitch for topaz119
Summary: He walks into the basement office expecting his new assignment to be a glorified babysitting job. He certainly isn’t expecting to get drawn into a shadow war much more sinister and desperate than the one he just left behind.
The more things change…
The more they remain the same.
(Or, the X-Files AU you never knew you needed.)

take the sky from me (PG13) by sweetwatersong for inkvoices
Summary: The end came as an announcement, a promise, a future of burning worlds and expanding stars. The end came and there wasn't enough room to save all of them, weren't enough ships to bring everyone beyond the reach of a hungry red sun.
But it isn't the end, not quite. Not yet. And there are stars still left in the sky...

these are the days (1/?) (PG13) by inkvoices for krilymcc
Summary: Natasha came to Dunelm University with a plan. This plan did not include a roommate with no respect for privacy, an Olympic archer and his pizza-stealing dog, or taking part in any crazy student fundraising.
Otherwise entitled: how Natasha survives her first year at university and learns not to let her degree get in the way of her education.

the shorter story (M) by franztastisch for sweetwatersong
Summary: be careful what you wish for is written in matter-of-fact writing on the little sign by the entrance. he only wishes to be dry, and idly he wonders if there is any way even that can go wrong.

Viridian Skies (NC17/Explicit) by topaz119 for sugar_fey
Summary: In a world of airships and automatons, Natasha has accepted a mission for them that Clint is not at all sure about.

Waiting (T) by sandrasfisher for spyforaday
Summary: Natasha get good news and bad news on the same day, how will the news effect the other? Who will be there to help her through her time of need?

Wheel of Fortune (Chapter 1 and 2) (PG) by shenshen77 for crazy4orcas
Summary: A pyramid in the middle of Croatia in 1943? You have got to be kidding. Add a mythical cannon wheel that will grant its owner success in all combat situations, Nazis, Soviets and a beautiful redhead hot on its heels - Not a good day for Clint "Hawkeye" Barton, adjunct professor of archaeology at Washington University in St. Louis.

*And belated but not least:

Family means no one gets left behind (T) by krilymcc for cybermathwitch
Summary: After Clint gets injured during a mission Laura, Lila and Clint come to stay at Stark Tower. (AoU au)
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