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Promptathon 2015 Masterlist

31 days, 783 comments on 11 comments pages, 33 36 fills, and that's the end of Promptathon 2015! Huge amounts of thanks to everyone who prompted, created, beta read, commented, did cheerleading, and took part. Take a bow, best bar, for a fantastic promptathon!

(If you didn't add any of your fills to the masterlist post, please do comment with them.)

The masterlist is now up below, so we can have all the shiny in one place and catch up on the ones we missed. Moving forwards, you can still create things for prompts and you can now post them at any time to the comm like you usually would, but they won't count as part of promptathon.

And that's a wrap!

The Masterlist

fic: diegesis by foolondahill17
(PG for mentions of child abuse) on
Prompt: Actress Natasha Romanoff recently shot to fame thanks to her last film. Men happily fling themselves at her feet, but with the world her oyster Natasha doesn't have time for them - she's too busy working on her next film and planning her career (possibly becoming a film director eventually?) Falling for [make-up artist or stuntman] Clint Barton was in no way part of said plan.

fic: "Dear Vladimir" by alphaflyer
(PG, Gen, no warnings app) on AO3
Prompt: JARVIS clearly doesn't have enough to do. He does, however, have hobbies -- unusually even for an AI, these include genealogical research.
Being himself, he really does not wish to impose, and so he generally keeps quiet about his discoveries. But after trawling through generations of Bartons (in and out of jail, it seems, even in the Old Country), a never-ending list of Rogers who seem to have mostly perished from the astonishing variety of respiratory issues common to the working poor, and the hysterically funny antics of a line of Northern gods, his latest discovery is too exciting to be kept to himself.
He clears his non-existent throat.
"Miss Romanoff, pardon the intrusion. But I thought you should know that based on irrefutable evidence, you are the legitimate heir to the Russian throne. Would you wish me to draft a letter to Mr. Putin now, or would you like to do so yourself?"

graphic: 'Partners In Crime' by perpetuations
Prompt: partners in crime

graphic: 'Pair Skating' by perpetuations
Prompt: Three words: Pair skating AU

fic: the growing season by sweetwatersong
(PG, no warnings) on LJ
Prompt: Interpret however you choose, but something like: When they're given/set up the farm as a safe place to be their main base all of them are dubious. Mostly about the farm part. Because farm. They have a go at the house, and the family thing, and getting on with SHIELD and their lives... and it's Natasha that takes on the farm part, because Natasha's never met a challenge she let get the better of her.
(Clint/Laura & Nat, Clint/Laura/Nat, Clint/Nat & Laura, whatever, author's choice)

fic: Two seconds: extremely short or inordinately by rabunzai
(Teen and Up, chose not to warn) on AO3
Prompt: Two seconds. That's all. Natasha can only see two seconds into the future - but she's learned to make it count.

fic: The Chase by i_llbedammned
(Teen and Up, graphic depictions of violence) on AO3
Prompt: Pay my respects to grace and virtue
Send my condolences to good
Give my regards to soul and romance
They always did the best they could

from Human (The Killers)

fic: she is nothing you should trust by feralletters
(PG) promptathon only, limited edition!
Prompt: "She looks like danger and she smells like poison."

fic: comfort food (love in every bite) by feralletters
(PG) promptathon only, limited edition!
Prompt: Anything to do with cooking. Is Clint a budding chef but pretends not to be? Is Natasha? Do they cook certain dishes which mean something to them or bring back memories? Are either or both of them terrible at cooking?

fic: these fragments i have shored against my ruins by findthesea
(explicit, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: civil war au in which they have to fight against each other (because they are supposedly on different sides?) and they stop halfway because they can't. aaand they make out xD

fic: The Lack of Faults with Laura's Superheroes by clarahow
(mature, chose not to warn) on AO3
Prompt: Clint/Natasha miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight be Laura's fault. A little bit. Maybe. (and she is NOT the least bit sorry about that... ;) )

fic: a definition of terms by feralletters
(Teen and Up, chose not to warn) on AO3
Prompt: asexual romance, where Clint is asexual but not aromantic and Natasha didn't mean to fall in love with him

fic: Equilateral by cybermathwitch
(PG, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: Laura is Clint's and Clint is Natasha's but Natasha isn't Laura's. Until she is.

fic and graphic: Spider Bites and Uncivil Liberties by clarahow
(mature for fic, chose not to warn) fic on fan_flashworks|on AO3\graphic on tumblr\second graphic on tumblr
Prompts: prompts: "spider bites on all your lovers" and "civil war au in which they have to fight against each other (because they are supposedly on different sides?) and they stop halfway because they can't. aaand they make out"

fic: Euthanasia by foolondahill17
(gen, major character death) on|on AO3
Prompt: We know that (supposedly) Clint and Nat are on different sides for Civil War -- not because they're not friends and don't want to fight with each other, but because of their beliefs. How do they respond to that conflict? Because Strike Team Delta is not used to NOT being in sync.

fic: Light Fingers Through the Dark by franztastisch
(15, almost forced suicide) on AO3
Prompt: Natasha is a siren who can compel with her voice and Clint's her Deaf handler

fic: crying alive, alive oh by sweetwatersong
(g, no warnings) complete fill in promptathon thread
Prompt: Clint was/is a musician.

fic: "Five Kisses" by swan_secrets
([Spoiler (click to open)]Character DeathNo non-con, underage or violence) promptathon only, limited edition!
Prompt: a relationship in 5 kisses (Clint/Natasha)

fic: We Together Make A City by franztastisch
(R, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: Clint is/was a musician

Ficlet: In Flagrante Delicto by desertport
(PG, no warnings) promptathon only, limited edition!
Prompt: Times they have worn each others' clothing, by accident or design - go-bags getting mixed up, desperation, lack of anything else to wear, mistakes....

fic: should you need us by inkvoices
(PG13; swearing (of the f-word and lord’s name in vain variety), verbal child abuse with implied off-screen neglect and possible physical child abuse) on LJ|on AO3
Prompt: fairy!Natasha steals Clint as her changeling child/little brother/helper or whatever

fic: Tricycle by franztastisch
(PG, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: Clint/Natasha miiight be Laura's fault. A little bit. Maybe. (And she is NOT the least bit sorry about that.)

Home Improvement by sgteam14283
(gen, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: In the Hawkeye comics Clint buys his building and becomes the landlord. Tony invites everyone to come live in Avengers Tower. Clint reckons he's far better and more experienced at this landlord shit than Stark.

fic: A Cave Where Fires Burned by foolondahill17
(PG-13 for movie type violence of the machine-gun-explosion variety, a smidge of language, and some description of injuries) on LJ
Prompt: A plan never survives contact with the enemy

fic: Who Run The World (Girls) by franztastisch
(PG, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: Clint is taken aback (read: horrified) when he discovers Natasha's befriended almost anyone in their life he's been in a relationship with. He's sure she's plotting or scheming something nefarious, while the truth is Natasha just thinks he has good taste.

fic: Teamwork is the Best Policy by clarahow
(mature, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: cybermathwitch: "What would you do," Natasha had asked him in her deceptively lazy way, "if I seduced her?"
franztastisch: "Oh that's easy," he replied with a grin. "Watch, and then join in."

fic: I Could Walk Out by cybermathwitch
(PG13 for brief (somewhat poetic) mentions of blood) on AO3
Prompt: I could walk out, but I won't [Heavenfaced - The National]

fic: A House Awake with Shadows and Monsters by clarahow
(mature, major character death(s)) on AO3
Prompt: Natasha is the Widow, Clint is a Widower.

fic: Welcome Home Hubby by swan_secrets
(explicit, chose not to warn) on AO3
Prompt: Clint/Natasha/Laura threesome porn with feelings. I have been craving this so bad recently

fic: Good Morning by cybermathwitch
(PG13, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: Natasha became a cat to escape the Red Room and ended up adopting Clint. He's safe and comfortable, so she finally decides to become human again, and he wakes up to a redheaded woman curled up next to him in bed.

fic: I Remember by cybermathwitch
(PG, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: “Clint?” Natasha asks, “Do you remember when Rome was on fire?”
Clint remembers – Clint remembers the shrill shriek of a newborn ripped from its mother’s womb and thrusted into the harsh world – Clint remembers the deft hands of an archer, expertly guiding a gold-tipped arrow to its target – Clint remembers silk kimonos and soft changshans – Clint remembers screaming and crying and terror and Rome; Rome burning to the ground – Rome engulfed in hungry flames; Rome destroyed and the wind blowing black ash to the heavens. Clint remembers everything, and he wants to forget it all.
(aka a reincarnation au in which they live through a hell lot of time periods?)

fic: I'd Make Room for You by cybermathwitch
(mature, sex) on AO3
Prompt: Clint/Natasha/Laura threesome porn with feelings.

fic: Not a Story to Tell by cybermathwitch
(PG, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: And one day she looks at Laura, close enough to kiss with cheeks flushed from laughing, and thinks, Oh.
Natasha had always known intellectually, analytically, that falling in love with someone was a possibility. What she and Clint had was too broad, too knit with wounds and bumping shoulders and constant companionship to be so simply defined, but it wasn't this. Oh, she thinks, and knows she's in trouble.

fic: Then I'll Be Smiling by enigma731
(gen, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: Clint's puppy dog eyes are ridiculously effective. Thankfully he doesn't know that. (Or does he?)

fic: Stop and Believe by enigma731
(Teen and Up, graphic violence) on AO3
Prompt: the song 'Budapest' by George Ezra

fic: Still a Builder Inside enigma731
(gen, no warnings) on AO3
Prompt: Clint Barton can never resist a dartboard.

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