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Secret Santa 2015 Masterlist

So this is the wrap up for Secret Santa 2015.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken part, from the gift creators to beta readers and cheerleaders. A special thanks to our pinch hitters raise_the_knife and yanzadracan, and to scribble_myname, perpetuations, esgeee, findthesea, geckoholic, and frea_o for their help with banner making. esgeee has also made a bunch of participation banners, which can be found HERE.

All gift creators, as well as banner makers, have now been revealed on individual posts and in the masterlist below, so feel free to now post, share, and link to your gifts wherever you like. It’d be nice if you’d link back to the comm somewhere and if you decide to use your Secret Santa banner please do remember to credit your banner maker. The AO3 collection is HERE with the collection name Be Compromised Secret Santa 2015 and our community also has it’s own AO3 tag Community: be_compromised which never fails to make me smile.

It’s been lovely to see so many newcomers taking part, amusing and interesting watching you narrow down the choice for who you would have as a giftee through anon prompts, and fantastic as always to see all the enthusiasm and commenting. We hope you’ve had a great Secret Santa!

And now, for reveals and to catch up on any gifts you’ve missed… THE MASTERLIST:

banner by esgeee

Secret Santa 2015 Masterlist

Abundant Surprises (T+)
by sandrasfisher for hanorganaas
A simple test reveals that something Natasha Romanoff held to be true was false. How will she tell Clint and how will he react?

Almost (PG13)
by celeste9 for poppetawoppet
Their relationship is a complicated series of almosts, but never actually is.

and as to me, i know nothing else but miracles (PG)
by findthesea for _samalander
AU: A world where your soulmate's name is written on your body the day you're born. Natasha has always felt incomplete, because the name she should have was removed by the Red Room. (She might be Clint's soulmate, but is he hers?) and Anything examining the dynamic of Laura/Clint/Natasha, including how it evolves with the advent of children.

Feel Your Heart (T)
by scribble_myname for jacedesbff
Soulmates always have bleed. Natasha doesn't know at first how to identify the foreign feeling in the back of her mind that things she fears are safe and things she knows are safe are not, but she can't afford not to know when killing itself becomes a problem.

Fragments (PG13)
by _samalander for findthesea
Clint Barton has brought home strays before, but never one as dangerous as Natasha Romanoff.

Gather Here Your Champions (PG)
by yanzadracan for perpetuations
On an Earth where alchemy, magic, and the Gods of Mythology mix and mingle, there are few safe havens and even fewer champions. Who will answer the call to arms? Alternate Universe: Sentinels and Guides.

Have a Little Faith (PG)
by spyforaday for esgeee
Clint and Natasha spend Christmas alone (with their kids maybe? I love kid!fics) and anything Chrismas-y that involved domestic fluff since this is my absolute favorite trope EVER.

(If It’s Love) Hold On Tight (PG)
by poppetawoppet for shenshen77
Leverage Crossover - I keep thinking she'd be the most amazing grifter and he'd be a great thief and with Parker as the new mastermind, wouldn't the team need a new one of both? And if they were in an alternate universe where they discovered SHIELD's link to HYDRA, wouldn't they be looking for new employment?

Kill And Run (PG)
by perpetuations for celeste9
Gift basket contents: Kill And Run (a playlist for the two assassins that work as one), a fairytale AU graphic, and a set of Hogwarts AU graphics

Like a Flame and Dust (Teen and Up)
by badwolfink for foolondahill17
1950's Mafia AU: He watches her, finds her, and it's the only contact with the Mafia he ever wants andNatasha goes underground at the Barton farm after the fall of SHIELD: It's whispers and dustbeams and silence or Natasha finds solace in the only place she can.

Natasha and the Amazing Hawkeye(s) (PG13)
by frea_o for be_compromised
It starts because somebody orders a hit on the Amazing Hawkeye. No, not that Amazing Hawkeye. The other Amazing Hawkeye.

Nerds Rule! (PG)
by jacedesbff for franztastisch
Two epic nerds meet online and then meet in person at Dragon*Con. Will their love survive the transition to the real world?

Once A Hero (PG13)
by shenshen77 for geckoholic
For the prompt: The road to recovery. I don't particularly care from what -- psychological trauma, difficult mission, a psychical injury, whatever -- but I'd love something that focuses on the actual process of ~dealing with stuff. The prompt made me want to explore the immediate fallout of the “Battle of New York” and dealing with the psychological trauma of mind control.

restless dreams (15+)
by raise_the_knife for spyforaday
But if my silence made you leave, then that would be my worst mistake.

Safe as Houses (Adult)
by sienamystic for be_compromised
Tell me about their safe houses, bolt-holes, private off-the-grid sanctuaries, what have you, that they both still keep around the world. Where are they, exactly? How long have they known each other before they mention each place or take the other person there? What do they keep there/what's in all the different locations? What makes one of them finally crack and head to one of their safe houses instead of a SHIELD safe house?

Simple Little Things (PG13)
by hanorganaas for badwolfink
Natasha helps patch up Clint after a rough mission

Solitaire (T)
by foolondahill17 for alphaflyer
Natasha prefers solo missions; they don't call her the Black Widow for nothing. Or, five times Natasha Romanoff resents being saddled with a partner and one time she doesn’t mind it at all.

Stay Away From The Sun (PG13)
by geckoholic for meatball42
They stand and stare at each other from across the room, and they know, recognition bouncing between them like a stray bullet. (Soulmates AU)

The Christmas Party (G)
by esgeee for sgteam14283
Clint and Natasha host Christmas party. Natasha has to remind Clint to hide the weapons since they are undercover spies.

The Firefighter and the EMT (PG)
by sgteam14283 for sandrasfisher
As a member of Rescue Squad Clint Barton knows how to handle tough situations. Until the new EMT arrives and he finds himself drawn to her.

The Long Way Home (Teen)
by alphaflyer for be_compromised
“Mission downtime.” When going home straight off the job is not the best option.

The Story of Captain America (and His Friends), as recorded by Lila Barton (Gen)
by enigma731 for scribble_myname
Captain America wasn’t always Captain America. Before he was Cap, he was a boy named Steve, and he was very small.

Truth Begins (PG13)
by franztastisch for enigma731
A little bit of "hurt/comfort" but mostly "surprise me" - There are blank spaces in her mind.

Whether Mice or Men Have Second Tries (G)
by meatball42 for sienamystic
When Natasha ducks into Hawkeye’s Cat Café as a last resort, she isn’t expecting to find a new life awaiting her.
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