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Welcome to one of the most eagerly-anticipated events on the be_compromised calendar! It’s time for THE EPIC SUMMER PROMPTATHON!!!

Just before we get started we do have some info and rules we’d like you to read…


Step One: leave prompts

Prompts can be anything – simple or elaborate, words or pictures, songs or poems, lyrics or phrases, anything that inspires a fanwork. Use your imagination. Go wild! All we ask is that you place anything NSFW behind a cut or link, use warnings where appropriate, and spoiler-cut anything spoiler-ish.

The focus of prompts should be Natasha and/or Clint, individually or as friends, lovers, spouses, partners, in gen fic, ANYTHNG. That means we do welcome other characters and pairings (and threesomes or moresomes) as long as Clint and/or Natasha is there somewhere. See here for more info, and always feel free to ask a mod if you have any questions – there’s even a handy questions thread at the top of the promptathon below.

Leave as many prompts as you want. We’re serious. Keep coming back. We want as many prompts as we can possibly get. Just make sure each prompt is in a separate comment.

Step two: squee

Been wanting to jump into the fandom but not sure where to start? Now’s the time. Newbie or a lurker? Here’s the perfect opportunity to say hello! Promptathon is a fun, no-pressure environment. If all you want to do is post prompts and share in the squee, you’re more than welcome! And by squee we mean chatting in the chat thread, replying to prompts to chat about prompts, and just lots of excitement all over the place.

Step three: submit fanworks like there’s no tomorrow

The usual Community Rules apply. There’s no length requirement on fanworks submitted. You can write drabbles or epics, vids, art, fanmixes, anything at all; it’s just all about getting creative! You can fill as many prompts as you want, and prompts can be filled multiple times by whoever wants to fill them.


1. Respond in a comment to the prompt you are filling. Try and post the entire work in the comment (if it's short enough), or if not, post a link. Do not post works to the comm. We’re all about one-stop shopping, so try and post in the main promptathon post if the length allows. If it is too long to post in the promptathon post, consider posting the first section as a teaser and then a link (because that's always fun too.)

2. Label your submission in the subject line with FILL, the type of fanwork, your title, and any warnings. Example: FILL fic: 5 Times Clint and Natasha Were Awesome (PG) When filling in the subject line, you may need to view the comm in it's original style (if you don't already). Just make sure you can see a subject line when responding with your submission.

3. Be sure to leave ratings and warnings (if any) in the subject line. (See example above.) Help us out and make sure folks know what they're clicking on. Thoughtfulness = LOVE. If the ratings or the warnings won't fit in the subject line, just leave them at the top of your post. If you don't want to include warnings, please put 'I choose not to warn' in the subject line, or again at the top of the post if it doesn't fit.

4. Please put anything NSFW under a cut or link. Put any spoilers under a cut or link with an appropriate warning.


TODAY: Prompting starts!
SUNDAY 7th AUGUST: wait for it, wait for it, look out for the announcement and the masterlist/fills post… FILLS ARE OPEN
SUNDAY 14th AUGUST: Prompts close (yes, prompts and fills will overlap for a bit) PROMPTS ARE CLOSED
SUNDAY 4th SEPTEMBER: Promptathon ends - alas, promptathon is now over for another year.

THERE IS NOW A MASTERLIST AVAILABLE. Comment to the Masterlist post to have your works added. That way we can try and keep track of everything :)

If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask! We have a questions thread in the post below and you can always comment to or PM a mod.


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