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Promptathon 2016 Masterlist

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Masterlist 2016

FIC: And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place (PG) by yanzadracan
Prompt: There is no victory. There are only battles. And in the end, the best you can hope for is to find a place to make your stand. And if you're lucky, you find someone willing to stand with you.

FIC: Better than... (Mature, NSFW) by kiss_me_cassie
Prompt: character A would love to serve character B breakfast in bed- trouble is, they never manage to actually make it as far as the bed.

FIC: Cookies (G, no warnings) by kiss_me_cassie
Prompt: [image prompt] Clint Barton...the kind of guy who has probably eaten his dog's treats by's either try one or walk to the store. HOW BAD CAN THEY BE THE DOG LIKES THEM. - Lucky's POV

FIC: come away to the water (G, No warnings) by feralletters
Prompt: mythological creature!AU. Bonus points if mermaids.

FIC: Create Your Own (PG, no warnings) by franztastisch
Prompt: That one time they had to go undercover as pizza delivery people.

FIC: Driver Choses The Music (PG, mild self harm, f-word) by inkvoices
Prompt: ROAD TRIP!

FIC: Five Lessons Natasha Learns About Flirting (PG13) by alphaflyer
Prompt: Contrary to popular belief, when Natasha isn't undercover, she is really, really bad at flirting AND Clint, however, is really, really good at flirting. It's all the other relationship stuff he finds difficult.

FIC: here on the edge of the moon (PG) by findthesea
Prompt: She wants to begin, to claw into the past of who she used to be, the faces and masks and plain facts that outline every lie, every life Natasha Romanoff has led in her thirty years. Natalia, Nikki, Nina, Roman, Rushman, Runaway – a crown of titles, of histories, adorning her forehead like the symbol of a moon goddess, the twin horns of a crescent moon rising high and clean above her brow. She wants to rip into her own skin and dig until she finds flesh, finds truth, finds the core of what makes her her.

FIC: Hide & Seek (PG, no serious warnings, a smidgen of OT3 going on) by kiss_me_cassie
Prompt: Kate finds Clint's porn stack. So far, so expected. Thing is: it's not all women/het. This is news to her. Discuss.

FIC: i'll carve out a home for us (G, no warnings) by feralletters
Prompt: I'm gonna make this place your home (Home, Phillips Phillips)

FIC: Life in Times of Sergeant Barton, Cop (no warnings) by shaneequ_a
Prompt: b99/buddy cop AU- Natasha is the serious, by-the-book detective while Clint's style is more "where did I put my gun again?" and Chief Fury just wants to know what he did to deserve this.

FIC: lights in the dark (G, No warnings) by feralletters
Prompt: I think I've got fireflies where my caution should be

FIC: Madraí Cogaidh (PG) by yanzadracan
Prompt: Let slip the dogs of war

FIC: No Damsel in Distress (PG) by kiss_me_cassie
Prompt: “She looped a finger around his, one small connection while the world fell apart around them”

FIC: Page-Turner (PG, no warnings) by franztastisch
Prompt: Early in their partnership, Natasha discovers that Clint is an avid reader.

FIC: Serving the Lord of Shadows (PG) by yanzadracan
Prompt: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

FIC: Shuffle (PG, no warnings) by franztastisch
Prompt: Clint finds some surprising music selections in Natasha's iTunes library.

FIC: Space Between (PG, no warnings) by kiss_me_cassie
Prompt: Contrary to popular belief, when Natasha isn't undercover, she is really, really bad at flirting.

FIC: Stereo Hearts (PG, no warnings) by themusicgeek
Prompt: Radio Station AU

FIC: Talk Some Sense to Me (You're My Warning Sign) (T, no warnings) by meatball42
Prompt: And I'll use you as a focal point / So I don't lose sight of what I want / And I've moved further than I thought I could /But I missed you more than I thought I would.../ I'll use you as a makeshift gauge / Of how much to give and how much to take / Oh I'll use you as a warning sign -Amber Run, I Found (song)

FIC: The Asset & The Russian (Or...) (Teen and up, innuendo but nothing explicit) by kiss_me_cassie
Prompt: "Wake me when things start to explode."

FIC: The Wall Between Us by yanzadracan
Prompt: Who are you? A stranger in the shell of a lover... Vienna Teng

FIC: The War That I Can't Win (Adult, graphic depictions of violence/canon-compliant past abuse) by enigma731
Prompt: Clint is sensible enough to let people help him when he's injured - after all, he needs to be fit for the archery that he loves and to do his job - so as much as he hates it, he'll put up with it. Long recovery periods though, those are different. He knows how to take care of himself when he's dealing with injuries, he doesn't need help or pity. He can balance on crutches, eat his dinner one handed, cover injured areas so he can wash. He gets restless and irritated and that's his own damn problem.
Natasha is the only person he allows to help him at times like this. Because there's no asking, there's no space to refuse. And Natasha has her own issues.

FIC: The Weight of the World (PG) by kiss_me_cassie
Prompt: We are not the chosen ones. AU or not - creator's choice - Natasha and Clint are/feel like they're background characters in someone else's superhero story. (Inspired by Patrick Ness' The Rest Of Us Just Live Here)

FIC: Under Covers (Rated Teen, little bit of naughtiness) by kiss_me_cassie
Prompt: (518): Had sex in a blanket fort. How was your weekend?

FIC: Why Not? (G) by sgteam14283
Prompt: [image prompt] Clint Barton...the kind of guy who has probably eaten his dog's treats by's either try one or walk to the store. HOW BAD CAN THEY BE THE DOG LIKES THEM.

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