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Secret Santa: Submissions Post

The deadline for Secret Santa 2016 is on MIDNIGHT SUNDAY DECEMBER 4TH (that’s midnight in whatever time zone you live in) so here’s some REALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT YOU REALLY NEED TO READ aka your three step guide to submitting your Secret Santa gift. Paying attention to this post will make the lives of you, your mods, your pinch hitters, and your graphic makers so very much easier. If you have any questions at all about anything please just ask, even in a PM or an email if you’re shy. Thank you :)

There are three things you need to do: finish, submit your gift by email, AND comment to this post. Read on to find out how…

STEP ONE: Getting It Done

Complete your Secret Santa gift by the deadline of SUNDAY 4th DECEMBER. That’s finished, beta read if you wanted, all polished and ready to be gift-wrapped.

The community rules (on how to warn, plagiarism, etc) and the exchange rules apply, so make sure you follow those.

STEP TWO: Gift-wrapping

Send your gifts to – wrapping them up as follows:

The subject line of your email needs to be: YOUR LJ NAME Secret Santa Gift for giftee

Place the following header at the top of your fic or in the main body of your email. Use it exactly as it is, just copy and paste, fill it in and replace the capital letter parts with the relevant names:

FIC should be submitted as an email attachment, preferably as a Word or .doc, but it can be a plain text or .txt file. If your fic is longer than will fit in a single LJ post, or if you would like it to be posted as chapters, please indicate in BIG CAPITALS WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE THE BREAK TO BE. All fics MUST be html coded if you want words to be bold or italic etc. There is a guide to html on livejournal here and feel free to ask questions before you submit. Otherwise your fic will be posted as submitted.

ART/GRAPHICS should be submitted as attached files, NOT links to already uploaded works. To keep you anonymous we will upload them to the community’s photobucket account. Please specify if multiple art peices should be in any particular order, and if you have any blurbs or captions etc.

VID/MIXES also need to be anonymous. Please submit the actual work or a link to a privately shared file and we will upload it to a community media account anonymously. Cover art should be submitted as per art/graphics.

STEP THREE: Place It Under The Tree

EVERYONE MUST COMMENT TO THIS POST BY MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 4TH DECEMBER. EVEN IF YOU HAVE AN EXTENSION. If you are submitting on time, comment to this post after you’ve submitted your gift by email, but you must comment to this post regardless by the deadline.

We need this for banner making as well as a check in and to confirm if emails have been received. All comments are screened.

Comment to this post with the following, accurately as this is what will go on your banner:

PROBLEMS: We Know They Happen

If for any reason you think that you won’t be able to submit by the deadline of SUNDAY 4TH DECEMBER you need to let us know as soon as possible. We don’t yell, we just want to make sure that everyone who participates gets a gift and that everyone taking part in all capacities has as few worries as possible.

If you can’t submit by the deadline a pinch hitter will automatically be assigned. If you then manage to submit by an agreed extended deadline the pinch-hit will become a community gift.

If you contact us by the 4th December deadline saying that you can’t submit we will assume that you have dropped out. If you don’t submit by the agreed extension we will also assume that you have dropped out. In both of these cases the gift for you will be reassigned as a community gift and we will rely on your pinch hitter. Once assumed to have dropped out we will not be able to accept late gifts as part of the exchange.

The best way to contact a mod is to send an email to the community address and/or PM inkvoices

What Happens Next

This is an anonymous gift exchange, so please don’t post or upload your gift elsewhere until after the reveals.

We aim to start posting gifts on December 19th/20th. Once all gifts have been posted we will have the reveals, at which point there will be a master post and an AO3 collection for this year’s exchange if you want to crosspost your work.

Lots of wonderful gifts are on the way!
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