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December News

COMMUNITY BANNER: a seasonally appropriate golden oldie by allisnow for this month's banner! If you'd like to make a banner for the community - something to welcome in the New Year maybe - we'd love to see it. Send them in to
A couple of things to note:
1) Everyone is invited to play, seriously, everyone!
2) Banners must be safe for work.
3) Banners must have a width of 800 and a height of 350 and preferably be a png or jpg file.
4) When new films etc come out please don’t use images that could be spoilers until general DVD release. (If you want to use something and you're not sure if it counts as a spoiler or not, PM me or email.)
5) Banners should contain both Clint and Natasha.
Also welcome: any Secret Santa participation graphics or icons, masterlist banner, any seasonal graphics gifts for the community... All good for holiday cheer :)

SECRET SANTA: Speaking of, the majority of gifts are in and your banner making team are hard at work. Posting should start December 19th, so watch this space!

IN THE WIDER WORLD WIDE WEB: There's a new Guardian's of the Galaxy Vol 2 trailer and a Spiderman: Homecoming trailer if you haven't already seen those. They make me smile a lot. Marvel Big Bang 2016 has finished posting. Yuletide 2016 stories will be up on December 25th, always good to look out for. (They've had some technical issues recently, so heads up if you're involved to double check; sending good vibes to those mods.)

Anything else going on relevant to our interests or got any recs to share? Comment below!
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