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be_compromised is (mostly) moving to Dreamwidth

Hello folks of the bar,

Thank you for all of your feedback on our LJ Changes Discussion post. We've decided that the most practical solution that best suits the majority of our community (to the best of our knowledge) is to move the community to Dreamwidth and maintain a presence on LJ.

How this will work:

The community is now set up and live on Dreamwidth HERE. This will be our new home.

Please post all new posts to the Dreamwidth version, which has a moderation queue the same as we've had on LJ. Please also comment on the Dreamwidth version. If you don't have a personal Dreamwidth account you can do this using OpenID. If you have any problems, please do let us know - there's bound to be a few things that need cleaning up post-move.

On a monthly basis we will post a version of the usual monthly news post along with a list/summary of links and activity to Livejournal so that people on LJ will still have updates on their Friends page/news feed letting them know what's happening and giving you a place to chat in comments on LJ if you choose.

It's our comm annibirthday this weekend - that came around again quickly! - which is great timing for our traditional friends and friending meme. We're having a party, so people can friend the new Dreamwidth account, find each other on Dreamwidth, make new friends, and work out ways of keeping in touch. Consider this your invitation :)

It's an absolute pleasure being mods for this community and we hope to carry as many familiar friends with us to Dreamwidth as we can. You're all wonderful and THIS IS THE BEST BAR.

Your Mods

Some useful links:
Dreamwidth FAQ
Claiming your OpenID when you move to Dreamwidth
Dreamwidth's welcome post for new users
a html guide for Dreamwidth
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