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January News Post

Message From Your Mods: Happy New Year people of the bar! As 2017 changes into 2018 we also have a changing of the guard - we're saying a fond farewell to the lovely enigma731 and welcoming franztastisch as the newest be_compromised mod. And if you are new to our corner of fandom, either quietly hiding in the back of the bar or ready to jump right in, a big welcome to you too!

All The Things Friday: is BACK, starting from tomorrow with franztastisch hosting a New Year's party in her modly debut. Not to be missed! If you'd like to sign up to host ATTF, make suggestions, or just see what's coming next then this is the post for you.

Secret Santa: is over for another year. The Secret Santa 2017 Masterlist is here for you fic reading pleasure.

Timetravelling into the future: but don't worry, there's loads more to look forward to, like Black Panther and the Valentine's Mini Promptathon in February...

Any challenge/events happening online? Got recs? Anything else relevant to our interests? Let us know in the comments!

(Please note - new posts are now only on Dreamwidth, with a news post linking to Dreamwidth action on LJ)

Secret Santa 2017 (sign off post)
Secret Santa 2017 Masterlist
(individual Secret Santa posts will not be linked - please see Masterlist)
Fic: Still Life
Fic: The Colour Purple
December News Post
ATTF: Creative Support Group Assemble!
Creative Support Directory
Fic: And Love Is Left In The End
ATTF: Great Expectations
Halloween Party
Fic: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning 8/?
Fic: Forged by Fire
ATTF: Exchanges and Other Fandom Fun
ATTF: Bubblefic
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